Why I Switched from Weight Watchers to Medifast

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How to get Weight Watchers for free. Really!
Their service helped me significantly a few years ago. The computer tells me I am severely obese, and i weigh lbs 85kg and am cm tall. All contributed to the stress of weight gain. I started Medifast on my doctor's suggestion about 6 weeks ago and it has been amazing for me I think I would be fine with the 7 extra, although I just switched from the old system to the new points plus this morning lol.

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Weight Watchers FitPoints (Activity Points): Exactly How Do They Work?

However, I'm learning to keep all my meals small and frequent (just like I should have been doing all along!). I plan to definitely buy this product again, I really love it and finally, I've successfully changed my eating lifestyle. Dieting is Out. Dieting sucks. It tends to lead to cravings… and hunger.

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