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The Best Paleo Banana Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries
Looking into them both for our kitchen and as with most things, overwhelmed with selection. I made these muffins last night. We use all whole wheat flour and add lots of organic blueberries. Some minutes of internet research easily reveals the downside of pesticide intensive cultivation having a dramatic impact on any living being close to the fields and especially the workers on spot. Di October 27, at 9:

Maple-Sweetened Banana Muffins

Quick and Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Pregnancy

I'll use this one a lot. Although I had to modify the recipe, I enjoyed this! I need more protein in my diet and was told to try to supplement with smoothies. I'm also restricting my calories so I need to be careful w I used regular flavored soy-protein instead and added some sugar.

This is a good tasting dairy-free smoothie. Home Recipes Breakfast and Brunch Drinks. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list. You might also like. Pineapple and Banana Smoothie A silky smooth breeze into tropical refreshment. Prep 10 m Ready In 10 m Place the banana, strawberries, almonds, and water into a blender.

Blend to mix, then add the ice cubes and puree until smooth. Just made these for my family, we all loved them! This worked perfectly and the waffles were delish! This is a keeper!

During my daily trawl through various paleo sites I came across this awesome Waffle recipe. Top and bottom both stuck, waffle ripped apart. It was still gummy in the middle so I cooked longer, but it was still a wreck. A delicious wreck, but still…. Any thoughts on what may have gone wrong?

That happened to me, too! They still tasted delicious as deconstructed waffles but I am determined to figure out the problem! OMG these were quite possibly the best waffles ever!!!! They came out so perfect and the recipe gave me 5 large waffes and one medium!!! They held together well on the iron and were fluffy and light…Tried them with yogurt, strawberries and almonds, and then with butter and coconut butter and I have to say, I preferred them with just butter and coconut butter, they are so delicious on their own!

My daughter has been wanting to switch to a paleo diet and wanted to make some waffles this morning. I suggested that she try making paleo ones and found this recipe. She made them and I have to admit that these were the best waffles I have ever had. Amazing recipe that I will refer to anytime I want waffles! Wish they made them like this at restaurants. My next step in this new life will involve sweating, but I am fighting that, too. Thanks for the yummy eats.

This reciepe looks amazing. And I was so psyched to try it out… and then I realized all the almond products in it. If anyone knows any good substitutes, they would be much appreciated.

Love having this paleo recipe for those mornings when I want that carb treat. I made these this morning and they are perfect! I added a handful of chocolate chips to the last couple of waffles — yum yum in my tummmmm!

I made these for brekky this morning and they were yummy, even with nothing on them. Not sure if I missed this answer or not already but what type of arrowroot powder do you use?

We have been paleo but still having dairy for the past 15 months,,found out yesterday that our 19 month old son is lactose intolerant and milk soy protein intolerant.

I could not get this to work… any tricks or tips? I had to add some wheat flour to save the batter and the flavors were pretty good without toppings. Madrid these today for Sunday Brunch. Juli — tried making these with coconut flour instead of almond flour.

Batter turned out crazy thick. Tried adding more almond milk to no avail. Think I need more eggs. Any idea on how many eggs would work? Consistency of the gloop improvved though. Good news is they turned out to be good pancakes! Juli- thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe that we have been making every other Sunday with the kids. My 5, 3 and almost 2 year old absolutely love eating these waffles. I am a huge fan of many other recipes of yours.

Love love love your posts: A staple in la casa di Vagnini when we have time in the […]. Love this site your recipes AND your hilariousness! Is there a way to know if a recipe is calling for the thin kind in the carton or the thick kind in the can? What am I missing? We made this this morning, but instead of using a waffle iron I made them in my mini donut iron and dipped them in chococolate. I chose these because I had two very ripe bananas sitting in my fruit bowl that needed to be used.

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Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated. Cinnamon Banana Waffles June 5, Prep Time 10 mins. Cook Time 10 mins. Directions Preheat waffle iron. Place bananas, egg, maple syrup , coconut oil , and milk in a food processor and puree until smooth. Add ingredients from the food processor into a large bowl and add almond meal, shredded coconut, arrowroot flour, cinnamon , baking soda, and salt and mix well to combine.

Pour mixture into waffle iron mine was non stick and they didn't stick at all, but before careful and maybe grease yours before. My batter made 5 waffles total. Top with bananas, syrup, and even some grass fed butter. That would be real good. Breakfast Fried Rice August 22, Blaizen June 5, at 1: Ashlie June 5, at 1: Mike O'Brien June 5, at 2: Jennifer June 8, at 6: Jamie June 5, at 2: Kylie June 5, at 2: Danielle June 5, at 2: Conn June 5, at 2: Michelle June 5, at 2: Marci June 5, at 2: Courtney June 5, at 2: Erica June 5, at 3: Lindsay June 5, at 3: Megan June 5, at 3: Tiff Bad Girl Eats June 5, at 3: Theresa June 5, at 3: Chrissy June 5, at Kiki June 5, at 4: Ashley June 5, at 4: Martha June 5, at 4: Brooke June 5, at 5: Whitney June 5, at 5: Cat B June 5, at 6: Amanda June 5, at 6: Mark June 5, at 7: Caitlin June 5, at 7: They were even better the next day when the banana flavor really came out.

I had to scour the internet to find a recipe that used only whole wheat flour. It yielded about 12 medium sized muffins. I also took the liberty to calculate the nutritional value for it. Here is the link for it: Glad you enjoyed the muffins, Parimala!

Thank you so much for sharing your link. They turned out amazing. I got 14 tasty muffins out of your recipe. My 28 month-old son gives them two big thumbs up!

My variation, based on what I had and my preferences: Happy to be bringing them to a potluck this weekend. Eating a warm muffin now, and they are amazing! I will absolutely be making these again. I have made so many different recipes but this one is my top one. And this one was perfect. I love the addition of oats to the batter. I made mine into mini muffins for lunch boxes and they are so cute! I have been waiting a week until my bananas were extra ripe.

The muffins are in the oven right now and smell heavenly! Your recipe was easy to follow and it actually yield 15 muffins for me! These muffins are kid approved!!! We have had some cardboard muffins let me tell you.. But there are fabulous! Love your Maple sweetened Banana Muffins. I love doubling the recipe and making the muffins double the size.

So many vegan recipes fall short of the ideal we grew up with, but not these. The texture and flavors were perfection. I can see using this as a guide and experimenting with other fruits, vegetables and spices. Glad to hear it! I have a pumpkin version of these that you might like, as well as banana bread and pumpkin bread. Holy knock my socks off delicious! I have these in the oven now and if the batter is anything to go my, I might just have to make another batch tomorrow!

Love the fact they are sugar free, perfect for a healthy snack for my little ones. My house smells incredible right now! Thanks for the great recipe, this has just made it to my regular rotation. Just made these waffles now and I gotta say, they were beyond delicious!

Heaven in a plate! If you have time ahead cause they require a bit of time, of course , this is a perfect healthy breakfast in my opinion. Dear Kate, I had to write because I love these muffins. I baked them last week and had 2 each morning with bananas and maple syrup. My only problem is that on both occasion when I baked them, even with the recipe followed to a T, the bottom is quite hollow compared to yours.

Yours look nice and dense. Can you tell that the muffin batter reached the edges of your pan? Excellent recipe, works for me every time! I substitute quinoa flakes for the oats on top, adds a lovely flavour. Thanks for your work! Forgot to mention that in my comment: Feel free to run this one through a calorie counter like myfitnesspal. What I mean when I say hollow is that when I take the case off, the bottom has holes inside the muffin.

The batter definitely meets the edges of the tray. My husband called it a treat: They came up delicious! The only thing is that i count the kcal and is almost each one of them. I just want to thank you for the recipe. It was so good I added some chocolate chips and the muffins were amazing. Yesterday was gloomy and rainy and I felt like baking. So I searched your website first and found this recipe.

These turned out fantastic. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Beth, I tried today this recipe for the fifth times. During the last fourth times my muffins turned out a bit dry and today I did not use peanut butter and I made the bitter more runny by adding milk and I bake it just 23 min at F.

HiKate, I tried this recipe and it works good. I use unbleached paper cups to avoid the mixe touching the Aluminium or coated muffin pan, which is unhealthy especially is the recipe call for acidic ingredients like Lemon and butter milk…Thank you.

This recipe is so easy and the ingredients were all in my pantry already. I added dried cranberries and rolled oats, and sprinkled the muffins with brown sugar and more oats like suggested. They looked wonderfully rustic and tasted delicious — not too sweet or overly banana-y. This will definitely be my new go to banana muffin recipe. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas: I made these muffins for my young nieces this morning. They were a hit with the adults and kids. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

I also added a hint of nutmeg. They rise a bit more and were moist. First batch won the taste test. Thanks for sharing your healthy recipe. Can I substitute all purpose flour? I have loads of I bleached ap flour from the holidays, but now whole wheat. I made these muffins today! I was wondering if you have nutrition facts on your recipes? They just vary so much depending on the actual ingredients used, substitutions, etc.

I loved these muffins so much defiantly making these again. I have made these muffins twice a week except summer months since you posted the recipe!

This recipe gives us 12 large muffins in our old stoneware muffin pan. That makes me so happy. I only had two bananas so I added some grated green apple. These look so yummy!! Have you tried making this with less sugar? The more ripe your bananas are, the sweeter they will taste. I made these exactly as written, with dark chocolate chips mixed in. I am a professional baker and have starting playing with coconut oil vs butter. These muffins are perfect! I took a photo to share but nowhere to post it here.

Next time i will make these in mini muffin tins and package them up in ziplocks for my 5 kids to pack in school lunches. I have tried countless recipes with similar ingredients, most of which had the texture of cooked wallpaper paste or zero flavor.

Wonder if you have an estimate of calories per muffin with this recipe? I used myfitnesspal calorie counter. You can put the url of the page with the recipe, it scans the page for the recipe and then does the calculations. You can edit the recipe too. Your post was helpful. I made the recipe to specs and it yielded 12 generous muffins!

So that brought down the calorie count I got to Any substitutions for using wheat bran and all purpose flour or oat flour? Hello, I made your healthy banana muffins exactly as written this morning, they were unbelievable! I have never used whole wheat flour before.

Thank you for this special treat. These muffins are fantastic and while you are a dog person, consider these cat approved…my cat is licking the muffin wrapper as I type. I also was able to get 13 large muffins from the recipe. Will definitely be making them again. Thank you for the recipe! I used honey instead of maple sugar and toasted walnuts.

I love your recipes!! I just made these muffins for breakfast this morning. My children are fighting over who gets to have a third muffin! It made 12 delicious muffins that all disappeared in 10 minutes! I am always in search of new flavours and recipes so barely bake something twice, but this will definitely make my recipe book!!

Thanks heaps, from Australia: I agree these are yummy. And the muffin pan you suggested is great, thank you! I typically never remember to go back and comment on a recipe I tried- but I had to this time. These muffins are amazing!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this. Please feel free to run this one through a nutrition counter like myfitnesspal. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. Am looking forward to browsing further. These muffins cannot make it past day 1in my home! They are so good and everyone I my family loves them!

Thanks for sharing this scrumptious recipe! I added some toasted pecans and topped w a few chic chips. I baked only 20 min and they were over baked.

Are you using a dark muffin tin? Dark surfaces bake their contents faster. Made the vegan version of these muffins with flax eggs and they turned out great! Perfectly moist and flavorful! This is my new go-to banana muffin recipe. I am so glad my aunt sent me your banana bread yesterday to try and then introduced me to your blog. Hi Kate, Baking them tomorrow for my daughter. Just want to know the measurement of flax seed in this recipe. I want to make them egg free.

I made these muffins this morning and loved them! I like having some type of sweet to eat with my morning coffee, and these were perfect!

Thank you for taking the time to comment, Laura! Found your recipe with a google search! Added a bit of applesauce and a large handful of spinach chopped in the food processor and some benefiber powder and they turned out great! I almost regret adding chocolate chips because it takes away from the banana flavor.

Kate, thanks so much for sharing this recipe! My whole family loved them! I made them with gluten free pancake and baking mix and honey. I also used 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites to reduce the fat a little bit. I want to make them again as well as the other recipes. In my muffin tin I needed to use all 12 of the cups. A friend made these and I liked them so much I got the recipe and made them for our family adding chocolate chips and they turned out so good!! I used ingredients I have never used before like coconut oil and white whole wheat flour!

I made these again just now for a teacher appreciation breakfast! Thanks for a great healthful delicious recipe!!

Thank you for letting me know, Ruth! I have lots of other recipes that call for coconut oil and white whole wheat flour! I made these for the first time last Friday and have made another 2 batches since. My whole family love them, even the children. You would never know they were sugar free. Thank you so much, will be my breakfast of choice for the foreseeable future: I have baked these today ….

That is the only sugar I used added walnuts pumpkin seeds.. The recipe made 3 short of 2 dozen and holy wow, the taste! I made these, added some raisins to mine and it was just amazing!!

Next time I want to try adding some coconut, I think that will give it a nice zing! Hi-just made these but used applesauce instead of oil and they are delicious!!!!

I just made these and they were super easy and delicious! Great way to get rid of overripe bananas. Very easy to make and smells wonderful. Do you have any other recipes that are a bit sweeter and healthy? Making these muffins as I write. These are super yummy..

I did make the mini muffins and made some regular and the others with walnuts and blueberry.. I also added flax seeds to the batter..

I only had all purpose flour on hand.. Thank you great recipe like the rest of the world my hubby and i are looking to be a bit healthier and recipes like this make it a bit simpler.. They melted in my mouth! Thanks for the delicious recipe: Just wondering, did you use unrefined or refined coconut oil in this recipe?

I used a gluten free rice flour mix, and added one and a half teaspoons of baking powder. For my own guilty pleasure, also added chocolate chips and sprinkled cinnamon on top. They rise and tast just like wheat muffins. Thank you for posting this amazing recipe. These muffins are great my family loves them thanks so much for the recipe.

I also add in some chocolate chips. These are so delicious! Made them with honey, avocado oil all I had quick oats and brown sugar on the top instead of white. I also used whole wheat bread flour all I had. They came out perfect, moist and tasty! Will probably be making these at least once a week! I got 18 muffins out of your recipe! Made a double batch and came out with 31 muffins. With a family of 5 that will last only a few days.

Next time I will triple it to have it last all week. Will try adding Blueberries or Strawberries now that summer is almost here. Perhaps next time I will try chocolate chips. This is a keeper recipe! Made these yesterday, they were delectable! So moist and easy to make. I added walnuts and raspberries at the end and it turned out beautifully.

Will definitely make again. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I easily made these gluten free by just subbing flour for oat flour! I made no other changes. So so simply delicious! As a mother and a beekeeper, I am always on the look-out for recipes that are healthy and utilize honey.

With that said, I was so happy to stumble upon this recipe using coconut oil, whole wheat flour, and a honey option! I did not make any changes to the recipe, just added some chia seeds as an additional option. I never write comments on blogs but felt inclined to let you know how great this recipe is. First time making a recipe from Kate and this was very yummy!

I used unrefined organic virgin coconut oil and coconut unrefined sugar on top. To answer another comment, these do not taste like coconut at all! These are wonderful and will definitely make again. Thank you for sharing and will look at other healthy recipes you have posted: These muffins are so good!

Commenting again to share another workaround that works for me.. I did no changes except for the eggs. Thanks so much Katie, this is my go-to breakfast muffins now! These came out delicious. I topped them with coconut sugar and oats. I will definitely make them again. I think some others have had success making that substitution, but your muffins will probably turn out more dense than the ones pictured. Just want to report another change that I made and works well.

TY Kate for this great recipe! Had 3 bananas who had seen better days so searched for a banana recipie and found yours. Made as is, using the maple syrup and coconut oil and for milk I used whole milk. Added chocolate chips to half the batter! Will be making this often as muffins are my new go to for my kiddos for snacks and breakfast and even part of lunch. I make this recipe in loaf form as written and bake for 60 mins. Making it right now: I failed in my earlier attempt as I got the oil measurement wrong… will definitely try again!

I was searching for a way to use the very ripe bananas sitting in the kitchen and I came across your recipe. They were moist and flavorful. Made them last weekend and will be making them again today! So delicious and perfect for when my bananas are starting to get a bit too ripe. I made these muffins last night. Followed the recipe exactly using the maple syrup, coconut oil, almond milk, and flax egg options.

Super moist and flavorful. No doubt I will be making these again. Thanks Cockie and Kate!!!!!!!! Hi, i am gluten intolerant — Would i be able to substitute the flour for a gluten free one such as brown rice or buckwheat flour? They turned out pretty well—much lighter in texture than a typically dense oil-rich muffin, and they rose nicely. I also used sugar-free syrup and unsweetened almond milk.

In future I might increase the sweetness a bit or just use honey. I want to make these so bad!! All I have in the house flour wise are plain white, self raising and buckwheat flour.. Would any of these work? Yeah I was trying to figure this out too. I really want to make these too!

Made this today and love the recipe. I added some oatmeal crumble on the top!!! They were so moist and delicious, thanks for a great recipe. I sprinkled them with thinly sliced almonds along with the turbinado sugar before I baked them. I used a six muffin tin, and it also made an extra one. Big, beautiful and delicious! The maple syrup made them delightfully sweet.

I sent your recipe and web site to my daughter in Florida: I know he will love them! Thank you so much for this recipe! The best part about it is that the ingredients you used are so healthy!

I did mess up a little bit making these, because I store my maple syrup in the fridge and when I mixed it with the coconut oil, it became a hard mess. Had to heat it on the stove a bit to make it liquid again. Next time I will definitely try it with whole wheat flour. If they taste as good as they smell, I have no doubt that this recipe is a winner.

These turned out really well. I substituted applesauce for the oil and agave syrup for the maple, and added a few chocolate chips. My 3 year old son agrees that they are delish! I added some chocolate chips each time, and just recently I swapped a few tablespoons of flour for cocoa powder and yum! When adding the cocoa, I added a little extra baking soda and a little extra honey because I read online somewhere that cocoa is drying and the little extra baking soda helps with the acidity or something like that.

Thank you for this recipe. Hi Kate, any reason why you use extra virgin olive oil as opposed to regular olive oil for baking? Here in Spain we tend to use regular olive oil as it has a milder flavour.

I bet regular olive oil would work, though. D will have to try the pumpkin ones next! I recommend white whole wheat flour or whole wheat flour, not self rising.

All purpose will also work. OMG they are amazing! I wil def be looking at more of your recipes. These are there best recipe I have found for healthy muffins! Really moist, tender and fabulous! I have tried a number of online recipes for variations on these ingredients and this is by far the best one yet.

I took these to a dinner tonight and they were a huge hit with folks who would not ordinarily be interested in healthy versions. Thanks so much for making there recipe available. We use all whole wheat flour and add lots of organic blueberries. I discovered your site about a week ago and I have already made three of your recipes — loved them all!

I just made these but with chia and almond milk to make them vegan: I just made these muffins using butter instead of oil and they turned out terribly. Still trying to figure out if that was the beginning of my downfall. They never rose, despite the baking soda, so they are dense and a bit gummy-like. I used silicon muffin cups and substituted a bit more flour for the oats, as I had none; otherwise I followed the recipe exactly.

I have an ancient European oven that only provides heat from the bottom, so perhaps heat distribution really matters with this recipe. I mix in chopped walnuts and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and the whole family devours them. Inly had two old bannana but I also had to old soft plums so I used those as well.

I added in two handfuls of blueberries and the results…. They are wonderful, moist and perfectly sweetened. I am a lover of healthy, delicious recipes. One of the best healthy muffin recipes out there! I added sultanas and put flaked almonds on top before baking. Such a great and easy recipe. Made these muffins about a month ago and everyone loved them!

Made them exactly as he recipe states. Making them again today! Thanks for this great recipe!! We made these muffins today — delicious. We replaced some of the wheat flour with oat flour and some with wheat bran, and they came out a dream.

First time using olive oil in muffins, complete success. Though, I was wondering how many calories there are in both recipes. They are moist, flavorful and, yes, healthy as well. I made extra and put them into the freezer.

They defrost and reheat nicely. I just returned from Canada and will make them this time with Canadian maple syrup, as well as maple sugar sprinkles on the top. I made these for my daughters birthday and they were a huge success. I had a number of the parents asking me for the recipe: It would probably make a great banana bread as well in a long pan. Do you have any idea of the nutritional values? Carbs, Protein, Fat etc. Will it turn out well with frozen berries mixed in?

Coz they came out awesome and fluffy plus its healthy with whole wheat flour and banana for my son who is a picky eater.

I made it exactly as stated and I wound up with one dozen and 8 mini muffins I had extra batter so had to use my mini tin. Not complaining about the bonus yield — just an FYI to others. Can you provide the nuturtional values such as calories, carbs, Sugar protein, fat , fibre Etd. Thank you I make these all the time. Bought some almost-black, super ripe bananas cheap and was looking for the perfect recipe to use them up. I love your recipes so I came straight to your site and knocked up these…I can say that they did not disappoint!

Added some sultanas and chopped walnuts, delicious! Thank you for creating the best recipes that hit the spot make time and time again! I make this recipe at least once a month for the family, sometimes with chocolate chips, and other times with pieces of candied ginger.

Hi there, I am curious why you have milk in this recipe but not in the banana bread recipe? I like the idea of adding oats and milk so could I use this recipe to make banana bread?

How different are these two in taste? They turned out nice and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness. I chose olive oil over the coconut oil and maple syrup over the honey.

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