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21 Reasons Why You're Losing Your Hair
Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications of any kind or people under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting any weight-loss program, including Ideal Protein Phase 1. The change in the hormonal balance that occurs at menopause may also have the same result. This is a self-guided program. Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today. Researchers are working on more targeted drugs to treat cancer, ones that would bypass this and other side effects. So now I want to plunge into the different components of the phase and let you know what you can expect when you start this diet.

Ideal Protein Overview

You doctor will have to do a blood test to determine for sure if you have this type of anemia. A simple iron supplement should correct the problem. In addition to hair loss, other symptoms of anemia include fatigue, headache, dizziness, pale skin, and cold hands and feet. Hypothyroidism is the medical term for having an underactive thyroid gland. This little gland located in your neck produces hormones that are critical to metabolism as well as growth and development and, when it's not pumping out enough hormones, can contribute to hair loss.

Your doctor can do tests to determine the real cause. Synthetic thyroid medication will take care of the problem. Once your thyroid levels return to normal, so should your hair. Although relatively uncommon in the U. Like anemia, simple supplementation should help the problem.

So can dietary changes. Find natural vitamin B in fish, meat, starchy vegetables, and non-citrus fruits. As always, eating a balanced diet plentiful in fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein and "good" fats such as avocado and nuts will be good for your hair and your overall health. This is also called alopecia areata and basically is a result of an overactive immune system. Steroid injections are the first line of treatment for alopecia areata, which appears as hair loss in round patches on the head.

Other drugs, including Rogaine, may also be used. The course of the condition can be unpredictable, with hair growing back then falling out again. Other autoimmune diseases such as lupus can also cause hair loss. Again it's a case of mistaken identity: Unfortunately, hair loss of this type is "scarring," meaning the hair will not grow back, says Dr.

If the hair loss is mild, you might want to try a new hairstyle to camouflage the damage. Short hair, for instance, is stronger than long hair and may hide bald patches better. Sudden weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can result in thinning hair. This could happen even if the weight loss is ultimately good for you. It's possible that the weight loss itself is stressing your body or that not eating right can result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Loss of hair along with noticeable weight loss may also be a sign of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Some of the drugs used to beat back cancer unfortunately can also cause your hair to fall out. That means cancer cells, but also rapidly dividing cells like hair. Once chemotherapy is stopped, your hair will grow back although often it will come back with a different texture perhaps curly when before it was straight or a different color.

Researchers are working on more targeted drugs to treat cancer, ones that would bypass this and other side effects. Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS is another imbalance in male and female sex hormones. An excess of androgens can lead to ovarian cysts, weight gain, a higher risk of diabetes, changes in your menstrual period, infertility , as well as hair thinning.

Because male hormones are overrepresented in PCOS, women may also experience more hair on the face and body. Treating PCOS can correct the hormone imbalance and help reverse some of these changes. Treatments include diet, exercise, and potentially birth control pills, as well as specific treatment to address infertility or diabetes risk.

Certain other classes of medication may also promote hair loss. More common among them are certain blood thinners and the blood-pressure drugs known as beta-blockers. Other drugs that might cause hair loss include methotrexate used to treat rheumatic conditions and some skin conditions , lithium for bipolar disorder , nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs including ibuprofen, and possibly antidepressants.

If your doctor determines that one or more of your medications is causing hair loss, talk with him or her about either lowering the dose or switching to another medicine. Vigorous styling and hair treatments over the years can cause your hair to fall out.

Examples of extreme styling include tight braids, hair weaves or corn rows as well as chemical relaxers to straighten your hair, hot-oil treatments or any kind of harsh chemical or high heat. Because these practices can actually affect the hair root, your hair might not grow back.

In addition to avoiding these styles and treatments, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using conditioner after every shampoo, letting your hair air dry, limiting the amount of time the curling iron comes in contact with your hair and using heat-driven products no more than once a week. Trichotillomania, classified as an "impulse control disorder," causes people to compulsively pull their hair out. Unfortunately, this constant playing and pulling can actually strip your head of its natural protection: Trichotillomania often begins before the age of 17 and is four times as common in women as in men.

Some antidepressants may be effective, but behavioral modification therapy is another option. It's not uncommon to see hair loss or thinning of the hair in women as they enter their 50s and 60s, says Dr. Experts aren't sure why this happens. Experts don't recommend that this condition be treated, says Dr.

That leaves women with cosmetic approaches such as scarves, wigs and hair styled so as to cover up thin spots. That said, there are also plenty of tricks to prevent hair breakage and ways to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy in your 50s and above. If you take anabolic steroids—the type abused by some athletes to bulk up muscle—you could lose your hair, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Anabolic steroids can have the same impact on the body as polycystic ovary disease PCOS , as the mechanism is the same, says Dr. Cooper gives update on Florence Tracking Florence, other tropical systems in the Atlantic: Reasons for Hair Loss Physical stress. Reasons for Hair Loss Pregnancy. Reasons for Hair Loss Too much vitamin A. Reasons for Hair Loss Lack of protein. So not only are you spending a boatload on food, but you need to re-supply each month with a cornucopia of supplements.

The instructions and Ideal Protein Phase 1 sheet are readily available for reference if you want to take a look — which should make it a bit easier to follow the diet. This means you need to adhere to the serving size requirements, food group choices and corresponding restrictions in order to see max results. When dedicated, it appears this diet could work, if you can get past any potential side effects. But in a perfect world, a weight-loss solution would be a lot easier for dieters who may not be able to adhere to such a strict regimen.

These tools include a BMI calculator and Ideal protein phase 1 sheet for clear instructions as mentioned above. You can also eat lean proteins like bison, fish, skinless poultry, scallops, fat-free ham, flank steak, crab, pork tenderloin and most vegetables.

When you sign up, you also get some pre-made meals and snacks including hearty soups, shakes, fruity drinks, puddings and select desserts. Some veggies you can only eat a max of 4 cups per week. These are green and wax beans, tomatoes, heart of palm, snow peas, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, rutabaga and tomatillo.

The restrictions on the plan and Ideal Protein Phase 1 food list also includes artichokes and olives. Ideal Protein Phase 1 is a protein powder used in a Ideal Protein diet. The formula contains ingredients supported by research. While there are benefits to the Ideal Protein Diet, there are always alternatives for those wanting to add an alternative to their existing weight management plan.

One of the products we like the most is Burn TS. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients; green tea, caffeine, Meratrim, and ChromeMate. Based on current research, the ingredients help boost energy levels and help curb hunger. Also, the company behind Burn TS is offering a 2-Week Sample as a sign of confidence in their supplement. Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals. Some Ideal Protein Phase 1 side effects, as found in some customer reviews, may include nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, irregular bowel movements, bloating and constipation.

The Ideal Protein Phase 1 ingredients are breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as snacks and specialty items. Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients. The company states that Ideal Protein Phase 1 is an effective weight-loss solution; but there is no clinical research associated with the findings.

You may want to think about your options and change out Ideal Protein Phase 1 with a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn , which consists of ingredients that have been clinically tested. Ideal Protein Phase 1 costs vary based on the supplements and meals purchased.

You should follow Ideal Protein Phase 1 according to the guidance of your coach. You will receive an eating plan and weight-loss goals. Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications of any kind or people under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting any weight-loss program, including Ideal Protein Phase 1.

In fact, the company recommends not adding fitness because of the low caloric intake. The reason is diet drinks cause an imbalance in acidity in your system, according to information provided by the company.

Yes, you can use more Ideal Protein Phase 1 envelopes if you are hungry, but only during the first week. Yes, you can switch meals on Ideal Protein Phase 1. Lunch and dinner are interchangeable. Breakfast and snacks remain the same. The company states there are no special deals or discounts on Ideal Protein Phase 1. Click here to give it a try. Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

Do Not Send Email Notifications. I am by no means a research expert. I have seen results of his patients that are using this program as well as some of his staff. The results are amazing. On the other hand, it is expensive and I have just not figured out how to add it to my budget. I have been on the Ideal Protein plan for 6 weeks and have lost 22 pounds and over 14 pounds of fat. No other diet that I have tried has shown results like this.

I truly believe that this program is scientific and putting your body in a state of ketosis effectively uses your stored fats as a main source of energy. It works perfectly and quickly if you do!

Sure its expensive and restrictive but it works , I started it because I seen the results that friends have had being on it. I have lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks and i am feeling better than I have for years. Ideal Prodein has been great for me. I have been on Ideal Protein for 4 months. I have lost 25 lbs. Perhaps slower than others but it is coming off and I very excited that I am almost into my skinniest clothes!

At first, I was dissappointed in the food packets and small amount of food, but now I do enjoy the diet a lot. It is easy and fun to be creative with a recipe book and and your hunger is curbed. I also enjoy meeting with my counselor.

She cheers me on. I was on it for about 5 months. Lost 35 pounds, but also lost my about a third of my hair. I would rather have fat than no hair. I have spoken to my doctor, and she assured me that this is totally normal for some people who lose weight especially after a large weight loss, i. It only happens once, and it will grow back in. In my case, my weight was causing me to be unhealthy, so I had a no-win scenario. It was either surgery or IP. In the meantime… HATS!

Lost 94 pounds since early March without planned exercise. Tons of non restrictive foods available and cookbooks beyond belief. If this diet is too hard for someone they might as well sign up to play Santa every Christmas. If you cant lose it here…you wont lose it other places. Its pricey…but worth the years of health. Ideal Protein is a rapid weight loss program that works. It may seem expensive, but one should take into consideration the items from the grocery store that are no longer being purchased.

I went on Ideal Protein in February and by the end of October , I had lost 90 pounds and reached my goal weight. The key to success with this diet is to follow each Phase precisely and to understand the philosophy of Phases 3 and 4 when you transition to a normal diet.

I would highly recommend the Ideal Protein diet. The cost of the food, yes, it is kinda spendy. For some that purchase premade food restaurants, drive thru, cafeteria it will come closer to even.

When I started, the weight started disappearing immediately. After 8 weeks, I quit using my sleep apnea machine. After 10 weeks I had transitioned off high blood pressure medication. Please consider making this a recommended product.

The Ideal Protein Protocol: The 4 Steps