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Archived News : September-October 2002

Notable recipients of the Freedom of Nottingham include: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Oxford include: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Portsmouth include: List of mayors of Woking. Notable recipients of the Freedom of Edinburgh include: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Perth include: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Cardiff include: List of Freedom of the City recipients For recipients of the martial freedom of the city, see List of Freedom of the City recipients military.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. List of Keys of the City in Canada. Podríamos mencionar a un sinnumero de estos futbolistas, ya sea en sus equipos o en representativos nacionales. Y es así que, repasando a los artífices de tal serie animada, encontramos que cada equipo contaba con un jugador emblema que ponía en aprietos al principal actor Oliver, haciendo la función de villano para éste pero de líder para su escuadra.

En primera instancia, Lewin nos argumenta que el líder es esencial en la vida de cualquier grupo, es en quien se confía, quien influye y consigue que los miembros trabajen para lograr metas colectivas, quien negocia la mayoría de los aspectos para llegar a consensos. Al líder se le elige por afinidad, empatía y confianza. Los criterios para tomarlas no tienen por qué ser conocidos por el resto. Es decir, es aquel que llega, ordena y se va. Retomando la serie animada, aquí bien cabría incluir al acérrimo rival de Oliver, es decir Steve Hyuga.

Este tipo de líder consigue una alta producción en su presencia pero muy baja en su ausencia. Su producción, tanto ausente como presente, es baja, por lo que la probabilidad de ganar partidos disminuye considerablemente.

Podría continuar con la lista pero mejor se lo dejo a usted, que evoque su memoria y les ponga nombre a tan hermosos recuerdos de la infancia que los dibujos animados y un balón nos dejaron por siempre. Leave this field empty. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada. Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. No hay alegría sin dolor. El día en que el racismo perdió por goleada.

Sludnov set a world record of 1: Australia has the metres freestyle with Ian Thorpe and I can nullify that swim. Australians, roaring Thorpe on in the 17,capacity indoor pool centre and millions more watching on television cannot be expected to believe a word of it. Will Sydney pass the test? Optimism rules and the early signs suggest that they will get it right and the world will go home with a hangover enriched by fond memory. Nothing fascinates the media as much as a debacle.

As a resident of Australia I have an Olympics wish list. People who will be watching it all on television will dearly hope that the excellent Qantas advertisement showing Australian children in different parts of the world and much of it in India, the Taj Mahal and the Rajasthan desert is not played too often.

Americans however were not paying a lot of attention to the Sydney Olympics preoccupying the rest of the world but that changed as the games hit their TV guides this week. But in case the SOCOG and the Australian Tourism Commission are breaking out champagne over this success of their public relations endeavours, they should hold on to the fizz. Only now, with the Olympics underway, has some kind of consciousness of the other looming extravaganza descended on bits of New York.

This week well into the pre-Olympic home stretch, the New York Times finally published its guide to the games, complete with feature pieces on Ian Thorpe and Cathy Freeman. Perhaps it was a glitch in the transmission of the piece from Sydney or maybe The Times just figured that Australians are a weird mob.

Ato Boldon, the sprinter from Trinidad and Tobago who is most likely to give Maurice Greene a run for his money, already feels Freeman is part of his extended family. US sports fans are apparently more concerned about what they will not be seeing, or at least when they will not be seeing it.

You see when the cold war ended, Americans found that winning had lost some of its lustre. Beating the Soviet Union was a pleasure. Beating poor, bankrupt Russia is like winning an exhibition game. Crushing East Germany was good for the digestion. But beating Germany now is about as satisfying as beating Ecuador. So you must take your hat off to the Aussies for putting the grudge back into the Olympic match.

Ok, they could do better. At least it gives a fan someone to cheer against as well as for. And a lot of those are going to be contested against the Americans in the pool, on the track, and on the basketball court. The Aussies have developed a brashness to go along with their talent. American swimmer Neil Walker got it exactly right when he said the controversy has made swimming a lot more fun.

It just brings the best competitors out of everybody. The India number one is partnering national champion S. Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Baboor, ranked 82nd in the world, won a match and lost two in the preliminary round in Atlanta, hopes to make best of the draw as Korbel and Jackson do not seem to be much of a threat to his aspirations.

Should Baboor get into the main draw, he will be up against a formidable opponent, former world champion Jean-Phileppe Gatien of France, in the second round starting on September Going by the current form of Commonwealth championship gold medallists Raman and Baboor, they should make it to the doubles main draw from group B.

The lone Indian woman Poulomi Ghatak is logged in group L of the singles preliminary round. She was eliminated in the semifinals. She also ran in the infamous m event which led to distance events being regarded as unsuitable for women.

She is now confined to a wheelchair after having her leg amputated a few years ago. Mance, who turns on December 3, was just 16 years when he lied about his age and enlisted in World War I in when reinforcements were urgently needed on the western front. Freeman, of Aboriginal descent, got the torch from Debbie Flintoff-King after a short relay of past Australian women Olympians with it inside the stadium before climbing up the steps leading to the cauldron.

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