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I just had a shake which was about cal as my first meal of the day and took my levels about an hour and a half after I started drinking it and my levels were at I wish they would because I have many of the blood work issues you do. I think the aspartame in the Crystal Light I was drinking daily was a huge factor. I feel it everyday, I wonder what my A1c is going to be just like you every 6 months when I go to have it drawn. As I said, I now feel worse than ever.

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Another symptom I had that I don't hear much about is the "shakes. Start out slow and best wishes! I have already done a total body cleanse first cleanse by Renew Life. So I was wondering wouldn't the colon detoxifier be enough for me or would someone like me still need the colon corrective? As Jon Barron, frequently points out, the more you do right, the fewer supplements you need to use. It sounds like the only time you would need to use a colon corrective formula is when you are doing a colon detox and using a detoxifying powder with clay and charcoal, as they tend to be binding.

I recently began a candida cleanse and just days after I began I developed bronchitis like symptoms. A violent cough and coughing up yellow aND white phlegm. This has now been going on for over two weeks. Should I be concerned? I am contemplating getting a chest x-ray just to make sure that pnuemonia isn't present, however I am not interested in antibiotics as they are the reason I am candida cleansing in the first place!

In the beginning I a had a very low-grade fever. Now there is no fever but the cough is very persistent and I am constantly hacking. Is this common of candida expelling itself from the lungs. Do the die off symptoms last for weeks? Thanks for your input! This was back in February. How are you feeling now? I've been fasting and losing weight and I'm not sure I'm going through a healing crisis or just sick but my symptoms are much like yours. I had chills for a couple days. I had to lay down for a random nap and was dizzy that morning.

I broke my fast because I didn't feel right. Then, I got a massive headache when I woke from my nap. Ever since, I've been coughing up disgusting phlegm for days. My lymph mods are terribly swollen. I've lost my voice. But it's not like a normal cold and no one else has gotten sick so I'm thinking it's a healing crisis. I have started they call the 28 day eating plan.

I am on day 2 now and I woke up with the worst headache I have ever experienced and I literally got sick about 3 times during the morning already. I have now noticed that the headache is starting to lighten up and I am starting to feel a bit better. After reading this, I now realize that I obviously had some of the worst detox experiences and although it is really very bad, I must admit that I am glad I am getting rid of all these toxins in my body. I did not realize I had this much toxins taking into consideration how ill I am in the detox process.

They say I will still feel some illness and headaches in the next two days, but the worst should be over by end of today. The healing crisis we reference above is when performing Jon Barron's Liver Detox. We have integrated specials herbs and minerals to make sure you are getting enough potassium and other necessary minerals in your diet. So, your headache could be due to much more than a healing crisis mentioned. I was curious as to your recommendation for thyroid issues. I know I was severely overexposed to fluoride as a child and growing up, which I'm pretty sure is a major factor in my hypothyroidism.

How would I go about doing a detox for this kind of issue? Most fluoride passes in your urine, but some remains—and yes, especially in the thyroid. That said, nutrients and protocols used to detox fluoride include:. Health is not something you rush unless you are in an extreme state of I'll health! Then all you need to do is make an extreme lifestyle change! Detox programs like this are all crap!

The body heals and restores itself naturally given the right conditions! If you make a severe lifestyle change your body will naturally detox in time the way it's meant to be done!

Detoxification taking all this crap companies try to sell you is only if you have a very serious health problem like cancer as example! Remember if you're not dying you don't need this crap, what you need is a lifestyle change! The body does heal and detoxify itself but you can't rush the bodies own natural healing if you want true health! Privacy Policy We respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we do not sell, or share any names or information to third parties or other mailing lists.

Liability Statement The statements found within these pages have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If a product or treatment is recommended in these pages, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The information contained herein is meant to be used to educate the reader and is in no way intended to provide individual medical advice. Medical advice must only be obtained from a qualified health practitioner. Detox Symptoms The Healing Crisis: There are three primary triggers for a detox reaction. Any large-scale die-off of bacteria can release a significant amount of toxins present within the actual bacteria. The stronger those toxins are and the more bacteria present to release them, the stronger the cleansing reaction.

Colon cleansing, the use of probiotics, digestive enzymes, immune enhancers, and pathogen destroyers can all trigger bacterial die-off. Any detox that causes the organs of the body particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues to purge their stored poisons and toxins, can trigger a cleansing reaction, as can the use of an herbal blood cleanser.

Any program, such as fasting or the use of weight-loss herbs, that causes a rapid breakdown of fat cells which are a storehouse for toxins can be accompanied by a detox reaction. Submitted by Guest on. April 8, - 6: Why would anyone be rushing to do a liver detox after reading this?

Submitted by BaselineFoundation on. April 11, - 3: Submitted by Sam on. May 7, - 4: Submitted by Guest Judy on. May 27, - 9: Submitted by Guest Mom of 3 on.

June 3, - 7: Submitted by victoria kula on. January 24, - Submitted by nate on. March 10, - Submitted by Vanessa Polk on. May 29, - 8: Submitted by R M Coles on.

April 7, - 8: April 9, - 1: Submitted by Keri on. June 2, - 6: Submitted by Rose on. July 17, - Do you have to do the full body cleanse or can you just do one certain cleanse you wish.

July 18, - 9: Submitted by neigh on. September 11, - 7: September 11, - 8: Submitted by Keith on. September 9, - 8: September 9, - 2: Any light work has me feeling like I built the pyramids! To everyone going through withdrawal … hang in there. Quit this stuff permanently. And my eyesight in my best eye, which had been getting blurry has improved dramatically verified by my eye doctor , since i quit.

I posted back in early January , after I had quit 3 weeks earlier, after using diet Pepsi, and Equal for about 30 years. I finally got rid of the pinchy withdrawal headaches after about 6 weeks. But, here I am about 10 weeks later, and it still seems to be in my sinus tissue.

My sinus is the weak spot in my body so it makes sense that the aspartame poisoning settled there. Any insights out there? The thing that helped me get past the cravings is that I juice. It helps me tremendously. This may sound odd, but ask your body what it wants to help it feel better and see what answer comes to mind.

I am going through detox for drinking huge amounts of diet coke and more recently coke zero. I feel awful, but my will to get better is stronger. My symptoms are headaches, fatigue, joint pain, stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, confusion and I feel really slow!

I went through the same type withdrawals you are experiencing. The stomach cramping and nausea went about within 14 hours of taking. It will make you feel so much better! If you stick with it through all the pain and tiredness, it will be well worth it. I can sympathize with you. I went through the same withdrawal for 4 weeks.

My best friend was orange juice … As odd as that might sound. I recently was diagnosed with low white blood cell count, I have been drinking, Tab, Diet Coke and Coke Zero for over 25 years maybe more. Does anyone know if this can contribute to low white blood cell count?

I have gone cold turkey for the last 2. I am having tests to see why my white cells are low.. Good luck to you all, Gwenda. Please let us know what you find out. May you keep feeling better and better.

I gave up all aspartame products back in September and lasted almost 4 months then my parents visited end of December and I was back on it! All was going ok til about a month ago and now I am back to an odd feeling in my ears, my allergies are worsened, my stomach is ultra sensitive, my legs ache and have weird bruises, my fingers ache, I get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression and anxiety.

This time I need to quit for good!! Sarah I have had swelling in the legs, headaches, ringing in the ears,aching joints, bad skin, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression, anxiety at times.. Hi Gwenda, your post has inspired me. I am totally addicted to diet coke and I want so badly to be able to quit and trying to prepare myself to try again. I know I am unhealthy and I know I am probably slowly killing myself.

I am wondering if you were able to continue being free from the addiction and how your symptoms are now. Did the ringing in the ears stop? But, unfortunately it never lasts longer than 6 weeks. I started taking progesterone to help. But, then I remembered someone mentioning aspartame to me about five years ago and I blew off the warning.

So, I looked it up and sure enough, I found it causes miscarriage and birth defects. I was drinking diet caffeine free Dr Pepper. I have been drinking purely soda as my only fluid since high school at the latest. So, since at least , when I was I miss the sharp carbonation on my throat, but my future baby is more than worth it.

If you know that, please email me. Thanks for all this info. I want to see the long list of the complications of aspartame too. I just quit Diet Coke, after a friend telling me about aspartame. I was telling him how bad my finger joints had gotten in the past few weeks. I had gotten to where I had to quit my business because I could not use my fingers. Swollen joints, high pain from joint movement, and excruciating pain when I would even just move my fingers.

Many things just got impossible to do. After him telling me about aspartame I quit in 2 days, from several a day to one a day, for the next 2 days, and then none. I was amazed, but not sure if it was true or not. As I got up and started moving my fingers, I noticed the extreme joint movement pain was not happening. I still have a stiffness in my hands, and finger joints, but also, I only took about 4 Tylenol yesterday,, I was taking 4 Tylenol- about times a day.

My wife quit too, she was only drinking about one a day, but feels better too. I am working on finding other drinks and waiting to see if the swelling in my fingers goes down, and the stiffness goes away! Thank God for this site and Spell check. I had shooting pains in my head for probably the first month or two. Within in the first month my brain fog really lifted and I had some computer issues at the time and it necessitated checking all my files to my backup.

I was stunned to find where things were filed. I realized how much my thinking has improved since I got off aspartame. During the flush the part of my head — only where my hair is, and especially in front where my hair had thinned, was like a spinkler system of sweat during the detox — must have kicked out a lot of aspartame.

I believe in time all these things can be reversed back to good health. Clean the filter and your back in business. I noticed that because I was juicing daily it really cut down my symptoms and stopped my cravings. It really surprised me how much easier it was to quit because it calmed my nerves. Figure out what substitutes help you. I drink seltzer water when I want bubbles, and I have a regular Coke once every or every other week, and that works for me. Thanks for your website, and comment section.

I must admit that this is tougher than I thought it would be. After getting many of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning, I finally realized that it was the aspartame doing it to me. I also used about packets of equal a day for sweetening coffee, tea, and other things. I had no idea how addicted I was am.

One niece who drank Diet Pepsi heavily throughout her pregnancy refuses to consider the possibility that it caused her son to be autistic. Now she has lupus, but of course, the aspartame is not the reason. Has anyone else been as addicted as me, and if so, how long did it take for the headaches to go away?

My headaches went away after weeks. Cold chills and sweats after weeks. Sounds like your almost there. I was drinking Diet Dr. Peppers a day for at least 15 years. Yesterday, I got the headache between my eyes that came and went a few times throughout the day and I was grumpy, so I googled aspartame withdrawals.

Anyway, I am hoping this mild headache is the only withdrawal symptom I have. How long does it take before these other possible symptoms to occur? If I were going to have other symptoms would they have already started?

Everyone reacts differently to the withdrawal. For example, my Mother had almost no side effects from the withdrawal other than the constant craving for Diet Coke. I am looking for comments from people who have successfully quit and the noticeable positive differences they have experienced.

Like, they no longer have anxiety, depression, brain fog and etc. I am wondering if those things go away or if the damage is done? I started drinking diet drinks when I was about 25 and never had any anxiety issues. At 26 or 27, I developed issues with anxiety and I am thinking this could be why and I am hoping the end result will be no more anxiety.

Are their success stories anywhere? Yes…I quit diet coke almost 3 months ago. I feel better but it took awhile. The headaches and nausea were terrible for a few days and gradually everything got better. It seems like my memory is better.

I absolutely am saving a ton of money. I think the aspartame in the Crystal Light I was drinking daily was a huge factor. I also have to say that just prior to letting go of aspartame, I also went gluten-free.

So that probably contributed, as well. But I think I remember that my headaches went away after giving up the aspartame.

I have struggled with some of those other things you are mentioning — brain fog, depression, anxiety, etc. The Paleo diet is actually a great place to start. You also might consider getting your thyroid levels checked. Many most docs will only rely on the TSH thyroid stimulating hormone but that is not a true picture.

The Free T3 and Free T4 show how much active thyroid hormone is truly in your system. Very treatable with the right medication, diet and lifestyle. If any of this rings true for you, or you are at least curious, then do some online research. Thanks to both of you. Today, is a week without any diet drinks or aspartame and I feel very blessed because I feel fine.

People have suggested that I get my thyroid checked because my hair has been thinning, also. However, I read that aspartame can cause thinning hair, mostly in the temple area which is where mine is and in six weeks, if aspartame is the cause their will be a noticeable difference. But, their is a family history of thyroid issues.

My moms is underactive and my grandfather on my dads side was overactive. I never had problems with anxiety until I started drinking diet soda in , it has only been 4 days off for me but so far I am feeling a lot less anxious and my blood pressure has come down.

I have been on a diet coke binge for years. Being type 2 diabetic was one reason to drink them. I have been drinking 2 — 2 liters a day for about 5 years. I have a horrible memory and deal with depression. A couple a days ago I made my mind up to quit. I started having flu like symptoms, headaches, and body aches. I knew then it was the aspartame.

My mind has been foggy, cloudy. Yesterday I started to feel worse so my husband and I came across your article looking for answers. He finally went and got me a 2 liter and about and I glass later I began to feel better. Should I just stop cold turkey or began to quit them slowly? I now know how a crack addict feels!

Please tell me how to get off these diet cokes! Hi Val, I had the same symptoms about 3 months ago now. It took me 3 full weeks of flu like symptoms…. Find what tastes good and go with that. For me it was orange juice watered down a bit. I think it mimicked the acid of the carbonated soda. Just go through it and it will be worth it in the end. The withdrawal was worse than any symptoms I ever had from drinking the soda. It can be done…you can do it.

Pure Stevia only is natural and perfectly healthy. The problem the big companies have is that they want to patent everything and so they combine it with other things that are not healthy to control the market under their brand name. Like the person above said Truvia is not Stevia.

Thanks for the post. I am working on an article on this subject. I hate to see people going from Aspartame Poison to Truvia Poison. The Omica Stevia on this page is the only way I would go. It is such a great product made by a great company. Trusting companies like Cargill and Coca-Cola or PepsiCo for that matter seems foolish given the research available. I have been an gum chewer for years, Trident bubble gum. Some days I would chew 3 value packs, and some days chew more.

I knew it had aspartame in it, but did not realize until I checked it on the internet. I threw out all my gum, and this is the first day that I have not chewed gum in years.

I do have a headache. Noticed not as hungry. I am hoping my body will recover from all of this poison I have been ingesting all these years. The FDA is not doing its job. You have to trust your own body, and do what is right. I am on my 14th day of no aspartame. I noticed headaches and fatigue since stopping. Not only drinking diet soft drinks but the chewing gum I have bought for years also contains aspartame. I was shopping for a new gum yesterday and I could not find one that did not list aspartame as part of their ingredients.

Has anyone found a gum that is safe to chew? Last time I checked, there was a brand at Trader Joes without Aspartame. I connected all that and decided to quit again. Its so bad a heating pad is the only relief. The headaches have been horrid as well.

It was only in may. Being exhausted and not being able to sleep is torture. I experienced the same withdrawal and it lasted 3 weeks. The flu-like symptoms are the worse along with profuse night sweats. Take heart…it will pass. I am having similar symptoms, too nauseous to eat but I force myself with toast and it does help. Also, the all over pain at night!

Add to that some dandy dizzy spells and a few headaches. I have noticed that drinking a lot of water does help. I think organic sugar is the way to go. In the end, I would go with what has worked for hundreds of years. Real, natural, organic sugars like honey or maple syrup in moderation are great. Everything else is an experiment.

We do not know, what we do not know. I had the exact same withdrawal symptoms. If you hang in There for a couple more weeks you will feel better. Just sleep as much as your day permits. The cold chills and sweats will subside. Never again for me either. Please know that there are many who have kicked the diet Pepsi habit who are pulling for you as we hare suffered the same effects.

Thank you to all who have given testimonies here. Been drinking diet side for many years. Of course, as soon as I can, I go back on the diet soda. The fatigue is the worse.

Sleeping about 14 hours a day…or more. The support of this site has been very helpful. When Diet Coke came on the market, they stopped advertising Tab but I can still get it at the store. I tried Diet Coke and two cans later reacted very badly to it and went back to the store to get Tab. I immediately calmed down. I wrote Coca-Cola to find out the percentage of aspartame because it is mixed with saccharin.

I also read somewhere that even though saccharin had been safe for years that once aspartame came along the makers of saccharin were told they could be in limited products if they contained a cancer warning. The percentage of aspartame in Tab at least when I inquired was much less that Diet Coke. I also wrote Coca-Cola again, many years later about the possibility of using Stevia. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in , so if it was added around that equals about 7 years after they added aspartame lower amounts into Tab.

I also had other health problems with my spine. I tried numerous times, but would go back. My doctors have basically done all they can and I have been on a search for other healing modalities. But I kept thinking about it, and I remembered how good I felt when I was juicing regularly. The movie is inspiring, and it occurred to me that it is probably my answer because the people in this film reversed their illnesses and got off of all medications.

It occurred to me by flooding their body with nutrition turned back on their immune system, and once you do that your body will self heal, which it knows how to do. I was set to start and then I realized I had to get off of caffeine… get off of Tab. These people fasted anywhere up to 60 days on juice, but one woman did it for 10 or 17 days and her blinding migraines ended.

The less we need them the better for us. I do buy organic vegetables. As I go through my withdrawals I wanted to find what other people have experienced. I hope it inspires others as well. There are a number of vegetables that contain protein. I have never been good at eating vegetable, but juicing is completely different. And for the lady that has colitis, I have that too. I add cabbage into my juice because it is suppose to be able to heal ulcers.

I congratulate all of you who have succeeded in quitting your addictions and I hope I will join your ranks quickly. For Diane Flemming I send my prayers. I hope she gets her miracle and is released. As for all these people who are causing harm to people around the globe I wish somehow we could find a way to stop them.

Never ever, ever use it. Hi Eric, Thanks for writing. Im 28 years old and ive been drinking around 2 liters of Diet Coke a day for the past 10 years. I used to be overweight when i was 18 and frankly the Diet coke helped me with my weight loss at first.

Since then i have gained all the weight i lost and then some while still drinking Diet Coke. Blurred vision, inability to concentrate, short term memory loss, strange headaches, pain in my deltoids and neck. I did an MRI which showed nothing and i also went to an eye doctor and a neurologist and they did all kinds of test and still nothing. One day a women i know told me that she had the same problems and her doctor told her to cut aspartame from her diet and she never felt better.

The symptoms are real and range from headaches to pain in the legs like if blood is returning to them. I hope i can return to my former self and relive a happy life. Only thing is I never had a fraction of all these withdrawal symptoms reported by most of u here. I was anticipating a ruff time based on these reports. Other than mentally missing and wanting my daily dietcokes…. Switched one poison for another. I had headaches at first … thought it was just seasonal allergies, but maybe not!

Despite all this, I feel like my body is thanking me. My concern is this. Are water and green tea enough to flush all this garbage out? Jane — we are in the same boat. I have been thinking lately a lot about when I was pregnant 2 years ago — and how GREAT I felt during my pregnancy compared to how crappy I have felt since I had my Emma — and have come to realize that the reason was diet coke and aspartame in drink mixes.

Since I have stopped last Friday I have been achy, with headaches and going to the restroom a lot more, with a gurgling stomach and very tired as well.

I am hoping this will pass — and have considered trying a colon cleanse to completely rid my body of this crap. I am 41 — and should not feel like I do on a daily basis — since I have traditionally been healthy and active with a lot of energy. I am glad i found this board as well. Dizziness, pain, headaches tiredness are gone.

I never did a cleanse, as I said, worried about the colitis. I drank a LOT of water and green tea. And seriously … we both quit diet soda during pregnancy for the sake of our babies, but it was ok for us? What demented logic hahaha! Hope everyone is doing well. I guess our bodies are all different. Thank you for sharing this wonderful update. It is so inspiring and helpful to see how good it feels to be free of this. Hi Jane — I just started my 4th week off of Aspartame, all artifical sweetners and sodas in general — and at the beginning it was rough.

But things have started to level off and I am doing much better. Less headaches and the nausea is pretty much gone. No more muscle aches either. I have had more energy and feel like my mood has gotten better as well. Glad to hear you are doing well too. I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi on September 13th, as well as using artificial sweeteners of all kinds. I felt fine for the first 5 days…. I started coming home from work, and taking a 3-hour nap.

I would get up and eat, and then go to bed for the night. I did that for a week and a half. It has now been 17 days, and I am still experiencing the dizziness. The headaches are not quite as bad, but they still occur.

I hope this ends soon! I went to the health store and bought psyllium husk and betonite clay. Within 24 hours, I could already notice a diffenerence in how I felt…after about 3 days, ALL of the symptoms were gone.

I have not had a diet soda since Sept 13th, nor will I ever have one again! I am drinking a glass of sweet tea each morniing and evening, but everything else has been water…. I quit aspartame on Sept. Also it sounds weird but part of my nose is numb and tingly..

Could this be from aspartame withdrawal?? Ive not read on here about other people having symptoms like this. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanx. I ordered some bentonite clay and pysillum husk or whatever it is called and eagerly await its arrival so that I can see how I feel once I give it a try.

I am utterly stunned though to report that my eyesight is already improving. I was looking at my mantelpiece clock and could actually see the hands on it.

It is shocking to see how many food and drink items contain it though. Will report back once I give the clay a try. Thanks for all of u who posted! Especially Harriet who was so concerned about everyone else and helping them. After reading what u all have written here … How could I not? I have just been reading this with interest as I briefly glanced at an article in a magazine about medical symptoms associated with artifical sweetener.

I have terrible aches and pains in my arms and legs and wondered if there might be a connection. I had 10 days in France recently and was amazed how after about 7 or 8 days my eyesight improved. Now we are back home and three weeks later I am using them every bit as much as I did before going to France. It never occurred to me that there might be a connection to artificial sweetener.

In France we hardly drank tea or artificially sweetened drinks much preferring water. I have immediately removed artificial sweetener from my diet today and will report back in a few weeks time any improvement or lack of.

It is probably only psycholgical but I feel rattled and shaky already. Any advice on detoxing my body would be appreciated. I decided to stop cold turkey five days ago.

On day three I started having horrible stomach and upper chest pains, bloating, tingling in my fingers, horrible headache and eventually vomiting, chills and sweats. I had my daughter search the internet for Diet Coke withdrawals and she found your site… Thank God! I started taking it on Day 4 at approximating 10am, then another dose at 3pm drinking plenty of water in-between. By approximately 5pm my stomach pains started to subside but my head and body still ached.

I took another dose at 9pm. Through the night I continued to have chills and sweats but woke up on Day 5 feeling a little tired with a slight tinge of a headache but nothing like the days before. While drinking Diet Coke I have experienced fogged vision, trouble concentrating, memory loss, anxiety, numbness in my fingers, joint aches and horrible cramps in my feet.

I contributed this all to getting older. I purchased Bentonite clay and Pysillium husk from ebay, mixed it with diet shakes and used it as the cleanser. It cleans the intestines out in a gentle way. I feel great now. Good luck keep plugging away and you will soon feel good. I have every symptom that DJ listed.

I too put it down to getting older. As I told Carrie below. I have added links to this page all pages for these products. I am 57 hours into this coming off Aspartame, have been drinking diet sodas for around 10 years and quite a lot of it. I tapered down and had no artificial sweeteners or caffeine in the 57 hours. I had some stomach discomfort aka diarrhea yesterday and again today and now getting a killer headache….

I feel quite alone because no one I know sees this as a big deal. I have a very sensitive stomach so quite concnered. I have been drinking diet Pepsi all day every day since i was a child. So now ive been constantly drinking this stuff for 30years now!! I am always thirsty, so i always have a diet Pepsi in my hand.

She said the aspartame was bad, but then again she thinks everything is bad so of course i didnt listen until she posted an article on fb the other day. Ive been suffering from all those symptoms in that article. It also has caffeine in it which im not ready to give up yet. My stomach is also making tons of loud noises. I forgot to mention that i have also quit i ibuprofen a few days ago.

Because of my pain i have been taking about mg of ibuprofen a day for years. Drink green tea, or water with lemon or anything. It is another chemical made by Pepsi or Coke. Stop being a sheep and get off the poisons. Sorry for the tough love, but, you need it. Get some edible bentonite clay and drink it , it will bind to the toxins do this for a few months!!!!!!!

I cannot believe this. I am 50 years old and finally went to see a doctor two years ago for really weird sensations — muscle spasms in my stomach up towards the neck, blurry vision, fatigue, facial tingling, pressure in the ears, etc. If your blood glucose level drops, you may experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Some of these symptoms include sweating, shaking and feeling faint. Other symptoms include headaches, hunger, nervousness and a rapid heartbeat.

Hypoglycemia uncomfortable and, if left unchecked, it can lead to confusion and a loss of consciousness. If you suddenly feel very shaky and sweaty and eating does not help, seek emergency medical care. Many times, hypoglycemia is caused by diabetes. If you have diabetes and you take too much insulin, it can lower your blood sugar levels too much. Other times, low blood sugar is caused by drinking a lot of alcohol without eating food; by certain medications; or by health problems such as an endocrine disorder or a tumor.

Usually hypoglycemia occurs if you haven't had something to eat in a while. Occasionally, a large meal can cause hypoglycemia when your body produces too much insulin.

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