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Elevated levels of triglycerides are also associated with diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, and medications for example, diuretics, birth control pills, and beta blockers. The aim of the program is to gain a healthy body. This meatless dinner comes together in only 15 minutes, thanks to the convenience of frozen chopped spinach and crumbled feta. Could this kind of a diet help us in raising our children? Views Read Edit View history.

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GM Diet – The Fastest Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight In 7 Days

My physical and mental health felt 10x better. Such a shame the Government stopped it! More important than the prisons, how about starting the better diet in schools and at home to keep them from getting there in the first place?!

Grades went up, moral improved, and discipline issues began to evaporate, etc. Orange CA schools are following suite with similar results. We ARE what we eat. We eat junk, we become junk. We have to be responsible for the quality of everything we put in our mouths, sugar being far more unhealthy than meat, but we tend to want to forget that.

I was wondering if is there anyone who can help me with some few recipes or some basic things i need to do to be a vegetarian. I really wanna be like Daniel of ages. A lame excuse to stop the program because it worked. There are powerful interests behind the scenes that systematically counteract all things that are truly of God, that is, such things as are truly good for each and all in society.

I have no doubt but that the phone issue was nothing but a smoke screen to hide the before said real reason. The problem is, How many among us forget to ask ourselves questions such as this one: What part responsibility do I have in the evil and destructive things happening in my society? What about my memberships? What about my citizenship? What about the taxes I am paying? What about the interest I am paying to the bank?

What about my insurance fees? To what extent is my time and my money going towards maintaining non-vegan standard prison camps? Why am I willing to continue my support of such powers behind the scenes? Why am I, by so doing, making myself one of those powers behind the scenes?

Just like Jesus God Performed a miracle with Daniel that kept him healthy eating just vegetables. Perhaps the same is being done for these prisoners! All Glory to Jesus Christ! Or perhaps there vegan diet has no soy.

Or are only eating the non toxic forms of soy such as miso, tempeh and natto. I know of other prisons that feed inmates the toxic forms of soy such as this link shows.

Why did this prison get forced out of business? And how did the mighty fall? For sure the diet helped, but the other aspects of the option counted as well. Entering the Word of God will bring a reformation to the willing soul. The willingness to try something different, to make positive changes counts too. A change in attitude helps as well. Hopefully the whole option will catch on in other systems of correction etc and in other countries as well.

Keep the option working. They have the choice of accepting or rejecting soy I guess? Skeptic friend of mine showed me a story where inmates sued re soy. But way to go vegan diet! Wish me luck lol. I teach in jail and would love to believe that the assertions made in this article were true. However, many of them are false which undermine the credibility of the entire article.

Based on this one instance?!?!? Proof is never based on a single study — that is scientifically unreliable and unethical. Statistically, the job training is the leading factor in reducing recidivism. Certainly excessive consumption of protein meats provokes aggresive behaviour.

The more raw vegetables the better. You would think if something is working others would want to be a part of it not get rid of it. At least there are those who went through the program that will have appreciated it. Justice Mvulo contact me at tonibrockhoven gmail. Glad to hear you are trying to live a more compassionate, earthfriendly and healthy life! Well the only thing i wish they left out was the Bible study…LOL but oh well.. I am a Vegan. I have 3 Vegan children years of age. I have been Vegan for going on 9 years.

The children have got sick times in their lifetime. We drink green smoothies every morning for breakfast. I bought her book for everyone I know. Answers ALL your questions about food. IF you want to be successful and stay Vegan her book is the one to get, if you want to eat healthier her tips are great!

Forget tougher punishments and hiring more police for schools. The solution to crime and violence is in your lunchroom. As a long time vegetarian turned vegan 2 years ago, I can attest to these statements. After 6 months, cravings leave the body, after 2 years you have no idea how anyone can eat meat i.

No one is forced to change their life. But they know, to not change is to continue dwn the same road that landed them in a prison. I agree with Tom, who said it is nt just the diet that makes the difference, but the whole lifestyle. Diet plays an important part in mental state.

So sad that the prison was closed, that choice was removed for those who would want to change their life. So who in California cares who their neighbors are? The majority of criminals will one day be released, and will be some of your neighbors!

Campaign and Vote — for your own protection!!! I happen to be a vegetarian although not a Vegan and do not choose to impose my ideologies onto others, but found this very interesting and certainly believe that how we eat affects both our physical and mental health and how we think about ourselves — thankyou.

Thank the Holy Spirit for the improvement made. It is simply great that the vegan way of life is spreading and even such prison is riping the good benefit of its application. The more people embrace the Christian vegan faith and practice the less evil in the world, the less suffering, crime, war, calamity, death and hellish things.

Let us give all the credit to the miracle working, good results getting Holy Spirit for the success mentioned above. I am now trying to change to a complete vegan. Congrats to this organization, wish the government would pay attention and make Real changes in these prisoners lives. Blessed, the African way since time begun has always been a ital one vegan.

Only with the invasions,missionaries and enslavers were we forced to eat dead flesh and acidic man made foods, leaving our alkaline natural diet behind. Which has left my people in a hellish state. But the pedulum is turning and as the earth rotates we will return to the nature or the GODS that we are. Do you know how much that farmer destroy rivers and streams because of growing Veges have you takenthat in acoount as all the wash of as theyuse pestercides , fertlisers and so on that washs into the rivers start to kill fish and other native animals , yet you herd of blue green algy what do you think thats from, and not only that if everyone became a vegetarian how do you think that we can water all the veges do you have any clue how much water you just need to grow patoes for instance , do reserch , Vegans are the ones who are destroying the PLanet , if we all ate meat and veges everyone would be balanced and healthy.

And Yeashua Jesus Fed people on fish and barly bread and not only that he was a Fisher man as a trade. Dear Vincent, I can see that you miss the point.

All those plants and vegetables grow even though people eat meat — in a greater amount to feed people as well as animals. Second, you talk about religion. Why do you connect religion with ethics or environment? These are different issues. That would be fundamentalist. What more, people should evolve as times change. We do not eat the same foods as people in Jesus times ate. And nobody nor doctors recommend eating this way.

They recommend veganism as a healthier way. Actually, there is ample evidence that shows Jesus was vegan. I suppose all that stuff about animal sacrifice and the passover lamb is just made up right?

Jesus ate the passover meal which was meat from the lamb that was sacrificed. Jesus gave out fishes to feed the multitude when they were hungry. Jesus built a fire and cooked fish after the resurrection and gave it to the disciples. If the Bible cannot be trusted to be the inspired word of God as received through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, why would anyone follow any of it?

If you get to decide the parts that you want to be part of your spirituality, why do you need a book at all, just make it up as you go. One private prison company won a bid here in Maine recently not vegan. So recividism was actually encouraged and putting new laws in place to put more people in jail is quietly pushed.

This is a good article, but giving the vegan diet the sole credit for the success for the program is ridiculous.

All of these things combined worked together to make the program a success, not just what they ate. Please, if you want to make a point to support your lifestyle choices, be fair and include all the facts.

This is a great article! NJ needs to put the whole state on a vegan diet. Keep reminding yourself that in just 7 days you will achieve what you want. If you pull thorough first two days then you will definitely complete the 7 days without breaking any sweat. The day one of your diet plan focuses on preparing your system for the upcoming days. Fruits are rich in water, vitamins, and other nutrients that your body needs. This will also kick start your process of detoxification.

On Day 1, you will have only fruits and nothing else. Right from your breakfast to your dinner, the only thing on your plate would be fruits, fruits and just fruits. You can have as much as you want. There is no cap on the upper limit.

Eat 5 times or 20 times a day, but you will consume only fruits. Do not add anything to the fruits like sugars, syrups etc. Watermelons, melons, lime, apples, strawberries, pomegranates and oranges. These are the fruits you should largely have on the Day 1. Melons and watermelons will help you to stay full for long so have more of these. Fruits not to have: Grapes, bananas, litchi and mangoes. These fruits are high on glycemic index and probably this is the reason that they are restricted.

Bananas will become a part of your routine ahead. At least on Day 1 say no to Bananas. Fruits will be a part of your GM Diet for the first 3 days. Hence, make sure that you have a variety of fruits in good quantities to get maximum benefits. Since some fruits are seasonal and cannot be found easily, here is the list of alternate fruits that you can choose from for your GM diet. This is just one of the suggestive diet plans for the day 1.

You do not have to be restricted to this. Just ensure that you stick to the All Fruits diet. Fruits will provide with minimal to no carbohydrates. Thus, you are bound to feel light by the end of your first day itself.

Also, ensure that you have plenty water. The breakfast should be richest meal of the day. So start your day with a plateful of fruits like melon, papaya and apple coupled with up to 1 to 2 glasses of water. These fruits being rich in fiber and pectin, keep you full for longer.

Also, being sweet, they would combat the unnecessary cravings too. Try to have more of watery fruits on the lunch. Have your lunch between 12 to 2 pm. You can have 1 to 2 bowls of apples or watermelons. You can also have kiwi as it is very nutritious and also keeps you full for long. Kiwi smoothie is rather popular among people who want to lose weight.

Have about 2 glasses of water. You can have oranges, kiwi, pear, guava, melons or any other fruit of your choice for dinner. Avoid more of melons in the night as they take more time to get digested.

Have up to 2 glasses of water along with the fruits. Besides the three main meals, incorporate fruits and only fruits for you morning and evening snacks. Whenever you get hunger pangs, have a fruit and 1 to 2 glasses of water. While your first day is all fruits day, the second day is solely dedicated to vegetables. This day will subject your body to a complete detoxification process.

Your body by now will already feel light and more agile due to an all fruit diet on Day 1. Vegetables are rich in water content, minerals and most importantly fibers that are essential to clean your gut. Again, there is no restriction on the amount of vegetables that you can intake. It is as per your satiety.

All you have to ensure is that you do not have anything else other than vegetables. Cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower etc.

Potatoes too are included, but only once a day. You can have all the watery vegetables. Vegetables not to have: Try to avoid peas and corn or any other starchy vegetable.

Vegetables will be a part of your throughout the GM Diet from Day 2 onwards. Hence, make sure that you have a variety of vegetables in good quantities to get maximum benefits. These are the vegetables that you can choose from for your GM diet.

The rule is to have as many vegetables as you can both in terms of quantity and variety. If you are fond of salads then prepare the salad of your choice. You should have either raw or boiled vegetables. You can sprinkle a spice of your choice like black pepper or oregano to improve the taste. You can also squeeze some amount of lemon to add a bit of palatability. Since your body was off carbs on Day 1, you need to have a source of energy to begin your Day 2.

So have a boiled potato for breakfast. You can add a dab of butter or olive oil to it so that this breakfast can give you enough energy for the rest of the day. If available, you can also replace regular potato with a sweet potato. You must not have potato after this, throughout the day. Have up to 2 glasses of water in the breakfast.

The lunch should be light and include vegetables that are rich in water. Have more of salads and raw vegetables. Ingredients like cabbage, cucumber and lettuce have sufficient water and fiber content to keep you full for long.

Have up to 2 glasses of water along with the meal. For your dinner, rely more on green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage etc. Simply boil these vegetables and have them with a little bit of lemon or pepper on them. You can have fresh lettuce or cabbage. Cherry tomatoes will serve as a good mid day snack as their taste tends to subdue the craving as well. Whenever you feel hungry, have 1 to 2 glasses of water. Keep your body well hydrated throughout the day.

The third day focuses on a blend of Day 1 and Day 2. On the first day, we focused only on fruits to have a non-carb diet. On the second day, we focused on vegetables to take in a fiber rich diet. Now we will mix the two and have an all fruit and vegetable diet for the Day 3 of your 7 Day GM Diet. Yet again, the rule is pretty simple. You have to consume as many vegetables and fruits as you can along with sufficient intake of water. We have already told you which fruits and vegetables you can consume and which of them are restricted.

On the day 3, you will follow the same instructions. From the list of vegetables and fruits you can decide what combination you want to have. You just have to ensure that by the end of the day, you have consumed a good variety of fruits and vegetables.

It is always better to have a sufficient breakfast so that your body is ready to for the busy day ahead.

You many start your day with apples or melons just like Day 1 or boiled potato with a dab of butter just like Day 2. You can also mix the two and have 1 small apple and 1 boiled potato for breakfast. This will give you enough energy and keep you satiated till lunch. However, please remember that you cannot have any more potato throughout the day. Have up to 2 glasses of water.

You can again go for a blend of fruits and vegetables with a little more preference to vegetables. Just like Day 2, have cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Add a few slices of one or two fruits to give you a little variety and some sweet taste to beat the craving.

Remember that the vegetables either needs to be raw of parboiled. For flavor you can have an olive oil or vinegar dressing. Salads would be a good option for dinner as they are light, easy to make and really fulfilling. Alternatively, you can have parboiled vegetables and garnish them black pepper, oregano or chili flakes and some lemon juice. This will give you some flavor as well. You can have some fruits after this as your dessert for the day.

We would suggest that have more of fruits for your snacks as the sweet and tangy flavors will help to kill the cravings. Along with fruits you can also have broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Support your mid day snacks with good amount of water to kill the hunger. Day 4 of the GM Diet plan comes as big surprise for all those who have stuck to the plan until now. The first 3 days of the plan have been no carbs diet. We only had vegetables and fruits. To help your body in coping with all the carbs that it has lost and to replenish minerals like potassium and sodium that are largely lost due to excessive water intake; Day 4 will solely focus on restoration with Bananas, Milk and Soup.

Banana is rich in carbs, potassium and sodium and thus, on Day 4 this fruit will act as your balance restorer. You can have up to 6 to 8 bananas and up to 4 glasses of milk throughout the day. Once in the day, you can have the luxury of having a soup. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

With just 5 ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, you can make these delicious, chewy brownies with no added sugar. Whip up a batch as a healthy dessert or for grab-and-go energy bars for a healthy snack. Pumpkin Banana Bread 0 Two favorite quick breads come together in this healthy pumpkin banana bread recipe.

Pumpkin puree and mashed banana add sweetness to help cut down the amount of added sugar while ensuring this percent whole-wheat loaf stays moist and tender. Cinnamon-Sugar Roasted Chickpeas 0 Roasting canned chickpeas until crispy makes a simple and healthy snack.

In this riff on candied nuts, chickpeas are coated with cinnamon sugar to make them irresistible! This snack is best enjoyed the day it is made. Top Vegetarian Protein Sources. If you're following a vegetarian diet, try these meatless and plant-based options to get your protein.

1. Atkins diet