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Easy Bacon Cheeseburger Soup (Keto Friendly Recipe)
I'm going to make some enemies with this statement, but I don't care: It's nice that it's naturally sweetened no real or fake sugar , and yet still tastes sweet. This soup is the bomb late 90s ref. This is a welcomed change in my kitchen. Crack fresh pepper over each, then drizzle honey over top.

Easy Bacon Cheeseburger Soup Recipe Ingredients

Is the pickle essential for any reason? My daughter might eat this if I left it out. The pickle helps make it taste like a cheeseburger. You can leave it out. We love it and usually add extra. Made this dish and adjusted my ingredients for more o a chili affect. This will definitely be a go-to dish.

This soup is the bomb late 90s ref. I loved every minute of it. I actually added onion, celery, and green pepper. Is this suppose to have 3 or 1 dill pickle? This post lists both ways. Also, when I put this recipe in MyFitnessPal it shows to have 8. This will be a staple meal in my home this winter! Probably any season, for that matter!

Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely be making this one again! Super yummy and filling! When served individually, you must add shredded lettuce, sounds weird but it makes a HUGE difference, like Game changer difference.

This recipe is delicious! I would maybe reduce the salt a little, since all the other spices add so much nice flavor. I would say 4 at best. I made this a couple of months ago and loved it. This is a welcomed change in my kitchen. At first, I cooked it with 10oz of ground beef like the recipes states, which means I had a hunk of leftover meat from the 1 lb.

After the soup was complete, I felt like it needed that full pound of ground beef so next time I will use it all. Just a thought for those with big families to feed. But I will omit the Kosher salt next time. This soup is delicious!

I made a double batch and would like to know the serving size. I just made a half recipe of this and really wish I had doubled the recipe instead. It is delicious, and perfect for my Keto diet. Thank you for this! I will be making it again soon. And, who doesn't love a sweet-and-savory snack to munch on? These Prosciutto and Peach toasts absolutely hit the spot! Fresh cracked pepper adds an extra zing, and mellow basil keeps it light and lively.

Lightly drizzle olive oil over toasted bread. Top with generous spreads of ricotta, a slice of prosciutto, peach, then basil. Crack fresh pepper over each, then drizzle honey over top. I am already Superbowled out thinking of chicken wings, lasagna and beer.

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