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I received my complimentary copy today. Click on the image at the right for more detailed scans of the packaging if you want to look for it at your local software retailer. April 26, Version 1. The day has finally come. A big thanks to aftermath for implementing a new project listing system for me that supports user ratings and comments as well as sorting capability, paging and more!

Check it out at the new look and features at the Projects Listing. I want the features of ezboard and the pop-up-free nature of the SourceForge forums, how about you?

But for this to happen we need at least 5 people to go and speak up for the desire to have these forums created, or it won't happen. If this works out, I will make the GameHippo forum the primary forum list it first under Forums and make it the default target for the forums link. All the features planned for version 1.

Take a look at the list of changes and then make your voice heard by emailing me or posting in one of the forums. Yesterday morning the hit counter at the bottom of this page was less than away from hitting the , mark.

This morning, it is at , So we've crossed the , hit mark on views of the GameDev homepage since its opening in September of Some of you might be interested to take a look at the old news page for a review of the history that has led up to this point. Are you interested in seeing GameDev translated into Dutch? Voice your opinion in the poll! Ben je geintereseerd om gamdev in het nederlands te zien?

Laat dan wat van je horen in de poll! There is finally a significant collection of graphics that I have managed to pull together from a few GameDev authors myself included to form the first real graphics library. Take your pick of tiles and sprites and whatever from this archive of graphics to make your own project.

No more tedious graphic design if you just want to create a simple quickie game! January 1, Games now hosted in separate SourceForge project. With the new year comes some long awaited catch-up work on the Scrolling Game Development Kit site. In addition to the projects posted yesterday, we now have a whole new SourceForge project in which to host GameDev games. This means you will be able to individually track downloads of the separate projects, and the downloads will probably work better for international users too I think project files are mirrored better than web files?

Take a look at the new project at http: Note that all the links to the Projects page now link to http: Any remaining old links will just provide a simple redirection link. The new projects page links to actual SourceForge release files instead of web files.

And the sidebar menu for that page is slightly different to allow access to both the gamedevprj project and the gamedev project. The other new long awaited feature is a minor adjustment to the side-bar navigaton menu.

You'll now see that the discussion forum link allows you to also directly jump to the forums you want. Thanks to Seth Marty for feedback during alpha testing. Thanks to David Royer for recommending open source and SourceForge. Thanks to Nathan Shores for hand-drawn images of a wizard to scan and use for the sample game, and for the narration in the sample game.

Thanks to Michael Miller for contributing a set of castle graphics. Thanks to " TigerForce " for finally pushing me in the right direction to research and develop the packager, and for testing my solution.

Thanks to Mark Ribau for performing some serious script testing, reporting bugs in the scripting wizard, and providing other helpful suggestions for GameDev enhancement. Thanks to aftermath for designing and developing the new project listing with paging, user comments, user ratings and sorting features!

Thanks to "Pax" Jeff C for his wonderful graphics contributed to the project, first seen in the projects listing in early December 13, Forums fixed. December 8, Forums unavailable. June 12, Version 1. March 14, New Forums. February 21, Scripting Wizard 1. July 24, Version 1. Screenshot of Graphics Library. Rolly and Ethereal Peace published on CD. Last Updated June 12, Nutritional guidance, Emotional Health overview and suggestions, Movement to help shed more weight, and Supplements to speed up weight loss.

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