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New two round mock draft: 3rd April

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6 Reasons Why I Chose Clover as a Living Mulch

These 6 reasons are also a great example of the permaculture concept of stacking functions — more on that later. I have had a few people ask me why I would add clover to a yard, because they thought it was a weed. Whiteclover clover trifoliumrepens wildflowers wildflowermeadow meadows plants flowers naturereserve MartinMere Burscough Lancashire.

I personally like the appearance of clover better than grass. Clover does have aggressive tendencies: My clover will be used in a place where it is surrounded by a wood chip pathway on one side, and a garden bed on the other. I can always pull back the area of clover where I want a plant to be, and then plant.

In the meantime, all of the area covered with clover will be getting a dose of nitrogen and will be relatively protected from weeds. Also, I mentioned in my post on raised beds that much of my current garden bed soil will eventually be moved around.

When that happens, the clover will get mixed in as a normal cover crop would, and will improve the soil then as well. The view under the canopy…!!! The clover is starting to fade by now cause the lack of sun light, blocked by the canopy. The clover with the leaves and branches that were cleaned from the ladies will make a layer of 'green manure' that will keep the soil with enough activity both fungae and bacterial to supply all our plants needs.

Diverse communities are also more efficient at capturing nutrients, light, and other limiting resources. I used a broadcast method aka scattering the seeds to add them to my raised bed walls. If you use a broadcast method, be certain to do it A in your rainy season when the heat is gone or B cover it with a light layer of soil. In my picture, you can see the seeds that fell into soil cracks were the only ones that performed well.

People have been using clover as a cover crop for a long time. I purchased 1 lb of it with my seed order at Territorial Seed Co. Trifolium repens — Growing to only 8 inches, this low perennial clover has a growth habit similar to White Dutch Clover but will stand drought conditions better, is more vigorous, and tolerates a wide range of soils.

Used for both a spring and fall cover crop, New Zealand White Clover can be sown between row plantings or as a solid seeded cover. A terrific green manure as it fixes up to pounds of nitrogen per acre and attracts beneficial insects. Kane is the founder of Insteading. He lives on his own urban homestead with his family in West Seattle. Any way you can post pictures of the finished product? The beds with the clover growing around them?

Keep an eye on our facebook page at https: I have been doing something almost like this in my garden for years. I have the clover planted in the paths between my planting beds. Works great, and looks wonderful. If you have some pictures please feel free to post them on our wall at https: Thanks for the tip! Be careful with red clover though, depending on the type that can be a few feet high and could shade out other plants.

Part of the reason I chose white clover specifically is that it only gets 6 to 10 inches high. We have horrible clay soil on a tiny city lot and my only planting space is the front lawn. I set up a raised bed and have dug in a few small beds on the edges of the lawn but am struggling with the poor soil. Do you think I could plant my yard in clover? I am a fan of a higher than normal concentration in lawns as well, it is a fantastic plant for improving soil quality.

And I have friends who grew up with all-clover lawns and loved them. You can always overseed with grass over a few years if you change your mind.

Thanks for the advice! I have been planting the Dutch White clover in any disturbed area mole and dog digging areas of my lawn trying to displace grass. It has been very successful even on my very sandy soil. Easy to pull out at flower bed edges. I love, love, LOVE having clover scramble all through out my ornimental beds along with the flourishing strawberry runners. The bees love it, butterflies and even the dragonflys drop by. Earn it or sit. But even then there are a lot of questions to answer.

If you want to get an EDGE do you have to spend an early pick there? Can you get by with Pocic at guard, having already made the investment there, allowing you to concentrate on getting a fantastic running back? In I remember being on holiday with my pregnant wife, sat in front of a fire in the evening typing out a mock draft romance very much alive in the Staton household. I was staring blankly at the screen with no idea what to project at For a moment at least I was grateful for Percy Harvin.

About DL and RB being the early focus. Especially if Pocic is the LG now. Would seem odd to pump another top 64 pick into that. Not always the names selected. Should be up tomorrow unless anything happens. And they liked Pocic enough to draft him in R2 last year, so they kind of have to back that judgement now. Eventually you have to accept that the O-line has had incredible investment and draft stock pumped into it.

No other team has pumped draft stock into their O-line like Seattle in recent years. Looking forward to it. I think Green will go early. Was listening to the GM street podcast and Lombardi made a point to mention that Seattle signing Fluker indicated a change in there running style from a stretch zone to more of a power set. If he is right that seems more like Chubb would be option A.

Not sure about that. Pairing Jones II with Carson would be something. I keep coming back to that myself: Add Wilson and the zone read…oh boy. He does need to improve his pass pro. But I think he has the potential to be a unique offensive weapon in a pro style offense. I hope it wont be rb early. Not a very good track record right now, I hope it will be linebacker. Not with the needs elsewhere.

And this is a top heavy RB class this year. Now, with Norton, maybe our depth can get coached up a bit more, hard to say. They also picked up Rod Smith who the Cowboys picked up and is good depth. At the time I wanted the Hawks to keep him over Rawls. Collins got pushed out on what was probably a poor roster decision.

Not much of a track record to judge honestly. I think the 20 lbs of extra good weight that Pocic has added is very intriguing. With this bit of news, RB and DL seems pretty logical areas to focus on for the first two picks.

No wonder Seattle scouted Cincinnati early this year. Off topic and sorry if I missed it in another post — but have people seen the clips Fluker has on his twitter account today of him working out? Dude looks yoked up. I had a mental picture of him from the combine when he came out — looks like a different guy now. Looks the part of a run blocker. Also Fluker seemed to really come into his own inside. Yeah, it was mentioned in the last thread I think.

I see way too much reliance on out-athlete-ing their opponents. Sweat will be this years Danielle Hunter. Already a great run defender, a natural, just needs some good coaching to consistently get him unlock the technique that he flashes. I remember being blow away seeing rookies in their first camp being taught by coaches what should be pretty fundamental stuff. Just hope you can teach the guy technique.

Fluker who looks like a monster right now to Lacey who add to have set weigh-ins as part of his deal? Camp this year is going to be so much fun. Many positions and heavy rotationspots up for fight. Getting in some hungry defensive players in the draft, along with some runners and its all ready-set-go!

I pray the football gods, this is a sign they are getting away from the cut block zone scheme. No more Brian Baldinger snapshots of all our o lineman laying on the ground while entire defensive line still on their feet.

CBS has a new 2 round mock draft in which we maneuver to have 2nd round picks and we use them on……. Nearly every mock will have Seattle going corner or tackle early though.

Kind of got used to them being barely worth reading now. Thet are all terrible. This si the guy to really watch. I watched every taspe they had from the Senior bowl etc and he always stood out. As was stated, dominated almost every 1v1 drill… got stoned by OG Hernandez a few times.

He said he could see Britt and Pocic flip flop as well, but I do not see that personally. I would love to see Hernandez as the LG….. Do you think that he is a 3 tech or NT or can he bounce out side farther towards the tackles and play a 5 tech? He was mostly shown inside between the B gaps but mostly in the A gaps.

I think he could probably play at all three spots, but if Seattle drafted him, I would love to see them open up the competition at 3 tech between him and Naz Jones. I think he looks like a big powerful 3 tech in a Initially I liked him as a 1 tech as I see him as a dominant run stopper like Mebane, but he might be a little too tall and leggy for NT.

You see him make moves and counter moves. He did a lot of the dirty work ans I could see a player like him overtaking Naz Jones on the depth chart at run down 3T.

Hill bandwagon for a while now. Wynn would be a great pick, but how well would he do in the power game? He seems more athletic and technically sound than mauler. I see him as an excellent prospect. Would the RB Chubb last until the 4th round? I think he would be a serious target late 3rd onward if still available. And if people are talking about Guice in the first, then Chubb has a chance to go in round one.

Knock on wood, but hyper buff RBs that are very cut and muscular like Kerryon Johnson just seem like injuries waiting to happen. Interesting theory… Chris Carson was shredded and he went down so easily… same without Lavon coleman at Washington. He got his legs caught up in a pile and had his ankle rolled on. Tough to spot a real trend there. Ill add in Fluker as soon as I get the numbers. That is amazing value IMO. I know I am in a minority but I like this off season so far.

If they can get a 1st for Earl or get him to sign a reasonable 2 yr extension then I think it could be a great off season. I really like it as well. We just need to resign Maxwell. They can get out of all of those contracts if they need to, and there is some real upside to get some value. Trade down one more time in early R3 for an extra R4. I think you are right. After reading a bunch of RB draft profiles, there will be options even in the 5th round worth considering.

Say they draft Jones or Chubb early, they will likely draft at least one more later, perhaps even earlier. Or even count Carson, the 7th rounder who beat out Lacy former second round pick among others to start. With lots of picks counting on some good compensation for Earl after several trades, 2, more like 3 RBs out of this draft. And based on comments above, it seems less likely to take OL in the first couple of picks.

Way more explosive than I thought he was going to be. Does he come back? I wonder how that would be. I agree with anyone who thinks Seattle may take two draft picks as running back. Nelson was given a great breakdown from Rob but for me until they draft that first cb with short arms in going to simply assume they wont. Carter makes me wonder house much dog is there. Lewis and Brown as potential inside out guys, as well.

Maybe one DT, and another edge talent. Mayowa, Marcus Smith, and David Bass are all still out there. I kinda thought Bass was one that got away from them last year. Maybe they add a couple DTs and another edge. Hill and Jones were just incredible at the Senior Bowl. Their interactions with each other were cool too.

Had a little D-line LOB going on there. If they grabbed Hill in one round and then turned around and NC State double dipped on Jones in the next round, I could live with that. I think hill will be a draft a week riser. In many cases he was in the Top 2. Free agent Terrelle Pryor is expected to sign with the Seahawks or Jets. The Browns were in on Pryor early, but look to be out of the running.

Seattle would give Pryor his best chance at rebuilding his value, though the Jets offer a clear path to snaps. Pryor should only require a one-year deal. Mar 21 — 6: Mary Kay Cabot on Twitter. I kind of assumed it was a case of Washington putting him in a position where he needed to do too much, while the Hawks can use him as a complimentary piece and let him develop as a receiver. Injured his ankle in week 2.

The injury lingered all season. There were times when he would tweak it so bad that he would have to come out of the game. He had surgery in November to repair it. Thanks for the info! Hopefully he heals well, and that being the case thats a huge signing for the Hawks if they go through with it. Thats real depth at receiver, and if they can get a franchise back in the draft the offense could enjoy a major turnaround.

I think he will be really productive as a big play WR in our scheme and an ideal compliment to Doug and Lockett. If we get him and pick up a quality RB in the draft I think the offense could be really good next year and become the strength of the team. When he was here in 25yo, ok I see the upside. Remember how long it took Russ and Graham to get on the same page in the RZ?

Sure, he had that yd season in , but that was also on targets and only 77 caught…. He had a big year. Not a good year. I see red zone threat I guess because of his size but he was not very efficient with his chances. Just 4 tds on on a massive attempts. And a modest 13 yards a catch. If I were Seattle i would pursue brandon Coleman who is basically free, the same size as pryor, a more consistent pass catcher, a wide receiver with experience in a complicated pro style offense and fits the reclamation profile.

I get the Pryor thing if they think he can help with scramble drills now that would make sense. Which would you prefer, or think Schneider and Pete would prefer: My thought process here stems from the draft. They traded back a few spots to draft Irvin, which was a bit of a shock at the time, but he was the top guy on their board. They pretty much knew he would be there 3 picks later. It seems like this year is a bit different with everybody wanting a piece of the RB pie, we could potentially miss out on that one special player they have their eye on.

Do the extra picks outweigh the value of selecting the top guy on your board? Because I think Rojo is noticeably better than Guice and Freeman. But they need to fill out their board. Not a serious injury. Teams know what he is. Not much chance of him falling IMO. Mike Davis returns to the fold for another year. Looks like there will be an element of stability in the backfield to some extent, even if Seattle do end up plumping for one of the premier running backs in the draft.

They needed some bodies. Presumably the deal means he could be a pre-season cut depending on how the competition plays out. They needed some depth there. The Davis signing provides some needed depth and stability at the position. I really think the same thing will happen this year again with RB. They will come out of the draft with a back or two, but I question whether it will be as early as we are thinking.

My guess at this point is it will not. At this point even I have to acknowledge at some point you have to let go of spending so much on the O-Line. They have a lot of draft capitol there and with the recent signing of Fluker, I think they will are going to focus on the D-line early.

I see them trading back as far as they can acquiring picks, and then taking the DT they like the best still on the board. After that I see them going O-line again like they did last year.