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Will last a week or two in the freezer. She put me on multizyme. We wish you the best of luck in your quest to take back full responsibility for your health. I got the best organized and workable information I have ever had the honor to receive and an actual patient management protocol! He wanted me to do whatever I feel in my heart is right, and promised we will figure out the money together later. Just use a little less than you would for the coconut sugar. Would you like to switch to the accessible version of this site?

What is it and How Can it Help YOU?

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In this way, each client gets completely individualized handling in the correct sequence for his or her body. Very much like opening a combination lock, you must use the right numbers in the right sequence and in the right direction at the right time — then the lock opens.

With a correctly done NRT analysis, we can determine the correct food supplements for you — designed to give your body the best possible chance of getting well and staying well. Many people we see in our practice have eaten themselves into their current state of ill-health, to one degree or another.

Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity, and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses chemical, microscopic, or otherwise. What could be more natural? What could be more correct? Each cell, tissue, and organ in your body is in the process of replacing itself every day, month, and year.

The health of each organ is dependent on making the correct nutrients available to upgrade or to maintain the health of the body at a cellular level. With this understanding of what we do, we feel you can comprehend how we are able to work with you to help you more effectively improve your health. Once that is achieved, do you see how you might be able to use this approach to stay well?

It is important to remember that in the end you are the one responsible for your own condition. We wish you the best of luck in your quest to take back full responsibility for your health.

Just remember to do it one step at a time and that we are here to guide you in that quest. Once we accept your case, you can count on us to do everything in our ability to help you achieve your health objectives and to help you achieve a healthier, happier life. After going to my first NRT class last nite, I was a bit apprehensive. However, after reading up a bit and thinking a lot about this, I have decided to take this on full force!!!

There is nothing I want more than to rid myself of these prescribed toxins that are definitely slowly, killing me. I look forward to this new direction in my life. Thank you Thank you. Where can I learn this? Hey Jason, If you go to http: Our insurance does not cover it.

However, it may depend on what insurance plan you have. You can always ask the office staff. Is it frequencies from them?

I am wondering what group of nutritional products you use with your NRT. Is it Standard Process? Yes, we use Standard Process for whole food supplements, Energetix for Homeopathy and varsious herbal tincutres and Klair Labs for specialty products.

Make into ice cream according to the directions on your ice cream maker. Will last a week or two in the freezer. I like to use an alcohol based vanilla extract as it seems to help keep the ice cream from getting as hard. Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream?? Honey or maple syrup used in this recipe also works. Just use a little less than you would for the coconut sugar. Combine all of the ingredients together in a large bowl, and blend with an immersion blender or you could use a regular blender or food processor, perhaps.

Let ripen in the freezer for a couple of hours and enjoy. Because they are not made from whole foods, over-the-counter vitamins lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in WHOLE foods. An example of a whole food could be carrots. Carrots are high in Vitamin A Complex. They synthesize the one component, beta-carotene and call that Vitamin A.

The same is true with Ascorbic Acid which is only one tiny fraction of Vitamin C. In other words, the body is not stupid. It is just a fragment and will not have the same effect, if any. Real Food, designed by nature, to enable the body to nourish and repair itself and grow healthfully.

These are nutrients you are simply not getting, or not assimilating, in your current diet. These deficiencies may be due to your past personal eating habits but it is for sure due, in some large extent, to the lack of quality in the foods commercially available in grocery stores or restaurants today.

That is completely true when you are talking about these pharmaceutically-produced chemical compounds. With whole food, live vitamins or supplements its an entirely different story. How are these whole food supplements produced? This product is produced by starting with a wide variety of carefully chosen organically grown vegetables, taking the water and fiber out using a vacuum, low heat process — without heating or cooking the vegetables, and then utilizing the concentrated food to make a bottle of Standard Process brand Catalyn Tablets.

Your vitality, health and energy are derived from live food. There is a great deal of technology and know-how behind what we do. In this way, each patient gets a completely individualized handling, in the correct sequence for his or her body. Very much like opening a combination lock, you must use the right numbers in the right sequence and in the right direction at the right time — then the lock falls open.

Many people we see in our practice have eaten themselves into their current state of ill-health, to one degree or another. The deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity, and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses chemical, microscopic, or otherwise. Cleanses and detox programs are everywhere.

From Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing her favorite cleanse, to stores like Wal-Mart, who carry liver and intestinal cleanses. Many patients come into my office asking me if I think that they should do a cleanse. For some people, it can be a very important step in improving their health and changing their life.

The fact is this: We live in a toxic environment, and our bodies are overwhelmed and bombarded by toxins every day. Toxins enter the body through the digestive tract, by food additives, contaminated soil heavy metals: The average American consumes 15 lbs. Not all cleanses achieve this goal safely, gently, and effectively. A cleanse that claims to detoxify the body in under three weeks is usually too good to be true.

The key factor in an effective and safe cleanse is that it supports Phase Two Liver detoxification. Let me speak nerd for a moment: Phase Two liver detoxification is essential for the actual removal of toxins from the body. Many cleanses only support Phase One Liver detoxification, which is when toxins are packaged and moved to other parts of the body. What I like about this program is that it lasts for three weeks this time frame is great for changing habits , is not based on deprivation you can add in meat and fish after the 10th day and good fats like oils, etc.

The testing includes testing organs, glands, joints, muscles, etc. How are YOUR sinuses adapting? Jena Hullman, DC how she can help you with this! Ask Lynette today about the Spring Health Savings! Have you ever heard of thermography breast scans?

There are small parasites which are one-celled organisms and large parasites which are egg laying. Regardless of which type, they are both detrimental to your health as they are not symbiotic creatures meaning they benefit, you lose. Parasite infestations are also WAY more common then you would think. Here are likely places we pick them up or more often their eggs:. Water is the primary way parasites infect humans. Symptoms of an infestation include, diarrhea and cramping that lasts for over a week and is most often misdiagnosed as the stomach flu.

ALSO when swimmers have parasites and they swim in places with others, the water is then contaminated with eggs from their bodies. It only takes a very small amount of swallowed water to become infected. You are the next person to sit at this table and use the salt shaker — you then lick your finger or even put your hand to your face — you are now the new host to parasites.

Parasite eggs can live under human fingernails for up to 2 months. Think of how many common objects you come into contact with on a daily basis. Even more common infections come from kissing, holding hands, sharing eating utensils and of course, sexual contact.

Usually if one family member is a host to parasites, the entire family is infected. By petting or grooming animals, you are picking up eggs that pass from them to us via hands, nose and mouth.

ALSO parasite infected fleas and ticks and parasite infected animal feces are concerns. Pets and domesticated animals are not the only ones spreading parasites — mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice and all other biting insects transmit protozoa one cell parasites to humans.

Undercooked meats are a very high source of parasite infections. Commercial pork products are also notorious for infections — bacon, ham, pork chops, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc. Also cuts of meat such as beef, lamb, chicken and fish contain parasite eggs. Sushi raw fish alone contains eggs and larvae of several species of parasites.

With a huge demand for fruit and vegetables, we Americans import 30 billion tons of food per year. Some of this food comes from countries where animal manure and human feces are used as fertilizer. This practice greatly increases the spread of parasites. The practice of eating out is also on the rise. Salad bars, infected food handlers, and improperly washed fruits and vegetables are all sources for parasites. In our modern age, world travel is a way of life for many.

These travelers are bringing home parasites that were once almost unknown in America. Airplanes are a great source for parasite transmission. Internal parasites and their waste products can reduce food absorbtion by causing inflammation of the intestinal wall. Food might also get stuck resulting in excessive toxins, smelly farts, bad breath and bloating.

If organs such as liver and kidneys cannot get rid of the toxins, then poisons might get out through skin causing skin problems and hair loss. Damaged nervous system and stress hormones give origin to insomnia. Some bloodsucking worms leave open wounds resulting in darker feces. The loss of blood can cause iron deficiency, anemia and dizziness. Other symptoms caused by parasitic infections include but are not limited to:.

What are you waiting for?! Call Big Beautiful Life today and get checked. Perhaps its common for you to feel tired, or you suffer from headaches, feel unclear and foggy, or experience an overall lack of energy… or maybe you are managing a more serious health complication that has developed over time.

With the proper diet and supplements, she went on to graduate from college, she still has her Large Intestine and is feeling much better. Years ago, the chiropractor that I was working with told me he was going to start offering supplements and I asked him which ones. He said Standard Process.

I decided to find out what is was all about. For the first time in my life, I felt that I had a true calling. When I talked to my oldest daughter, she was afraid I was getting into some kind of voodoo. I decided to take my husband to a workshop with me and he realized it was for real.

After going through the classes and advanced training, I learned that your body can actually let you know what is going on, what it needs and in what order. This is truly an incredible process with incredible results. I was overweight, depressed and was asthmatic with allergies since I was 16 years old.

I was on Allegra D, three different inhalers and Sudafed. If I missed a few days, I felt like I had walking pneumonia. I was continuously gagging on the mucous in the back of my throat. I felt like I was walking in a fog most of the time and had pressure in the right side of my head. I had difficultly thinking and remembering details. When I was first tested, I needed enzymes to help process my foods. Taking Multizyme and other supportive supplements, I was able to wean myself off of the medications.

As my body was peeling away at the layers of problems, I was tested for Parasites. They were in my head, especially on the right side where the pressure was.

It explained why I felt the way I did. Once I was on the right diet and the right supplements, it only took two weeks for my head to feel unblocked.

I have no more pressure in my head and I feel like oxygen is actually getting into my body. I feel so lucky that I am doing this work and can help myself, my family and my clients. What Clients Are Saying My entire system needed help and I came to the right place. I feel better, sleep better, my eye is nearly back to normal.

I just feel great! I was losing so much hair I thought I was going bald. My Thyroid test came back OK. I was tested for Lupus and that came back negative. Denise put me on supplements for my thyroid along with flaxseed oil and a detox.

I was feeling lethargic, out of energy and feeling like I had a flu. I was having problems swallowing, digesting but always hungry after eating.

Because of my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was always feeling pain or sick.

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