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Kristine Author at Busy But Healthy. Kristen Mohamed verified owner — April 20, For sweeter flavors I would choose birthday cake or cookies and cream. I love making a hot protein drink during the cold months with the vanilla protein. Thanks for the great recipe Eliza! Apparently there was an inventory issue which delayed the processing of my order. I accidentally put the starter in as soon as I poured the hot milk into the bowl- so it was still

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Unico has definitely earned a loyal customer?? Jeannie verified owner — March 6, The Cupcake one is definitely unique, with its rainbow sprinkles and everything that you see in the protein shake.

It really does taste like a birthday cupcake. The molten chocolate is kinda whatever. Quality is good, powder is super fine and mixes well with water, milk, almond milk, or mixtures of any of these. This is the best protein powder I have ever tried I have tried a ton of brands.

I mix it into not only shakes, but also brownies, French toast, banana bread. Justine verified owner — March 6, I only have one word for apollo protein…YUMM! Justine Major verified owner — March 6, Mell verified owner — March 6, Tastes so good, you forget its protein! By far one of my favorite proteins.

The sweet cake taste definitely helps curve my cravings! Add some soy milk, couple ice cubs, a scoop of protein and throw it all in a blender for a tasty treat. So far, I have tried the molten lava, banana, cupcake, and cinnamon roll flavors. Aside from the amazing flavors, these babies blend like a charm. I just wish that they had more options and availability of the sample packs. Still a fan either way, though! Tastes so good with just water, I mean wow. I got the vanilla ice cream milkshake flavor and it tastes good in oats and in my recipes just as well.

Lorianne Sersen verified owner — March 7, The salted caramel is the best tasting protein powder Ive ever had. Blends well, not chalky. I love knowing the exact ingredients and supporting a US company.

Jill B verified owner — March 7, I add the cinnamon bun to my pancakes and use the chocolate peanut butter in shake form. Both are so tasty! Madalyn Dunn — March 7, I love this protein powder! I put it in smoothies and sometimes just mix it with soy milk, and unlike other powders, I enjoy drinking it!

LIZ verified owner — March 7, I purchased the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. I enjoyed this flavor and found it mixed great with so many different things! Just wish it was a little less expensive, but a great quality protein! The Vanilla Milkshake really tastes like a milkshake!!!!! The texture of it is so smooth.

I mix it with coconut milk, water, and ice! I mix it with almond milk and drink it after my workouts. It is so smooth and tastes delicious. It also keeps me full until lunch I workout in the AM before work. I have tried getting all my friends to use it because it really is that great! I have never liked protein. If I did use it, it had to be blended into a smoothie.

This stuff is soooo good!! Not only can I use this in milk, but water too. I see him sneaking mine all the time now, I will have to get him his own. Trish Gomez verified owner — March 7, Bought a tub of cinnamon roll. Its good when mixed with vanilla almond milk, but not in water. Although I like my shakes thicker. Its very good, but not as expected. Its not like cinnamon or anything. Just tastes like cinnamon in milk.

Its fills me up for sure. Elizabeth Arens verified owner — March 8, Caramel squares and cookies n cream are my favorite flavors! Caroline Ryan verified owner — March 8, The Chocolate flavor is my favorite. This protein wow just WOW. I absolutley love all of the flavors. Each time I order protein I order a different flavor. I have yet to be disappointed with this company and their products!

And the best protein that I have had that is grass whey and it does last a long time! Emma verified owner — March 8, The birthday cake is to die for and I use it in so many ways mixed with plain greek yogurt, for my protein french toast, baking. I have tried a TON of other powders. Nothing comes close to taste and results. All the recipes are a huge hit as well. Versatile and great taste. You will not be disappointed. Carolynn Jones verified owner — March 9, I have tried almost every flavour and was their fail every single one tastes amazing!

The quality of the product is always out standing and the customer service is great! Stephanie verified owner — March 9, Hillary Beyerlein verified owner — March 9, This is a great protein shake! I lift about 5 times a week and this has not let me down with recovery. Will continue to use! Alexa Siweckyj verified owner — March 10, All of the flavors they offer are so smooth going down.

Never had an issue with texture. Plus the 24g of protein is a major seller! All of these protein powders are amazing!! My favorite right now is the Birthday Cake, it tastes like cake batter, and is just amazing!!

Kaela — March 13, The flavor is spot on and literally tastes like a vanilla milkshake. I like to have mine 2 ways, with banana, pineapple and cashew milk or with banana, peanut butter, cashew milk and a dash of cinnamon. Add ice for the perfect protein milkshake?. The only protein I will ever purchase! Thanks for making such great products! Mandy Hazen verified owner — March 15, All flavors are amazing. Court verified owner — March 15, The peanut butter chocolate and vanilla are awesome!

Cinnamon Bun is also great as mix in for breakfast foods like oatmeal, pancakes…. Kaitlyn Hoss verified owner — March 15, Apollo is my favorite protein!! It mixes so thick and creamy. Seriously the best protein powder I have ever tried. Not grainy at all, and the taste is out of this world. Totally recommend this to everyone I can.

Elizabeth Fairchild verified owner — March 16, Well, I love this protein. Way to go on this one. Samantha Petrone verified owner — March 24, This powder is unlike any other! I am big on texture and this one mixes so well in a blender bottle with just a few shakes.

The flavors are even better than you can imagine and match exactly what they description says. Gina verified owner — March 24, I use it for everything, from making frosting to baking cakes, muffins, breakfast foods. It tastes so good!!!

My other favorite is the Birthday cake! Kelsey verified owner — March 24, Birthday cupcakes is so yummy and chocolate lava tastes like Hersheys chocolate milk! I LOVE this flavor! Working out is my favorite time of day because I look forward to having my protein shake after. I normally blend my shake with a little ice to make it thicker.

I also make my shake with almond milk to make it a little sweeter and its amazing! Love love love this product and will definitely be ordering more!

Georgia verified owner — March 27, Alejandra Rodriguez verified owner — March 29, I feel so full and satisfied until the next morning, I work out at 7pm everyday. Chelsea Hellen — March 30, Lisa Daniel verified owner — March 31, This is by far my favorite protein powder. It has a higher amount of protein per serving than other protein powders on the market, and the taste.

It does not have that chalky taste and smells really good. This protein also tastes good when heated up. I love making a hot protein drink during the cold months with the vanilla protein. We love this protein, my boyfriend is a picky eater or drinker I should say especially when it comes to proteins, he thinks they all taste chalky but this is his and mine favorite tasting stuff.

I also love that it has both fast and slow digesting proteins to keep me fuller and fueled for longer! Hilary verified owner — March 31, CGmom verified owner — April 2, Taste is fantastic, although a little thick. It does seem to have some bloating and gas side effects for me though. I have tried many over the years and finally feel like Ive found one I can stick with.

Mixes well with just water. Also great when added with other stuff to make a smoothie! I love Unico products so much and the chocolate peanut butter did not disappoint!

It is hands down the tastiest protein I have ever had, and still has amazing macros! I work out twice a day, so it is really important to me to have a protein I enjoy, and this is it. I have tried so many other brands and none of them come close to Unico! Best protein powder I have ever used, it taste just like a yummy desert, or to me a malt which I love love love ice cream and this is a great substitute!!!

Tanya verified owner — April 3, Lan verified owner — April 4, Amanda Morgan verified owner — April 4, Every flavor is smooth and tastes amazing..

Thank you UNICO for saving those of us with sweet tooths from self destruction via cookies and brownies. This curbs my sweet appetite every. Rae Chartier verified owner — April 4, I seriously cannot live without this stuff! It is just pure, delicious flavor. I take it after workouts or just as a quick meal in a pinch. Ylime verified owner — April 5, After finding your products via several Instagram endorsers, I was initially skeptical as I find most social media endorsements to feel more like a scam with individuals only pushing products for their own financial gain.

After reading more about the Apollo Protein Shakes, I decided to give it a try. Nikki verified owner — April 5, Hands down the best tasting protein I have ever taken! My fav flavor is the Molten Chocolate Lava Shake! Hannah Scott verified owner — April 6, By far, the BEST protein powder. I got the birthday cake flavor and it is amazing. The fact that I only mix it with almond milk and it still tastes amazing, says a lot about it! Shaina Doll verified owner — April 9, I purchased the chocolate peanut butter protein powder.

I have a shake for breakfast every morning and it holds me over until lunch. Bight this product for the first time in the recommendation of a Freiburg. This one, though, is amazing. I tried the chocolate peanut butter and it was great so I decided to try out the birthday cake and OMG!! It literally tastes like cake batter. It mixes well, the macros are great. The macros are awesome and it tastes very good too. I got the birthday cake flavor, which is a little too sweet for me, but I still like it.

I think I will be trying vanilla next time. I highly recommend it! Ashley K verified owner — April 11, Absolutely LOVE the gooey frosted cinnamon roll! Andrea Green verified owner — April 11, The protein is good with milk or water, which is rare. Overall, great product for drinking and eating! Brooke Harmening verified owner — April 12, You will be too! Nora verified owner — April 15, Aimee verified owner — April 17, Easy to mix,l even with just water. Creamy and not a weird artificial flavor.

Courtney verified owner — April 17, Super cute packaging and its delicious! I am obsessed with Apollo protein powder. I am the type of person that prefers to mix my protein powder with water, so that actually makes the texture and flavor important for me when picking a brand.

When I buy anything from Unico, I also buy a couple sample packets of Apollo to have a little variety. Emma Paul verified owner — April 18, Love this protein shake flavors and performance. My goal has been more toning, but I did gain muscle mass after I started using this in my work out. I bought the birthday cake flavor and its seriously everything I could want in a protein powder. You have a lifelong customer! Katie Almand verified owner — April 19, I absolutely love this protein.

Channon Fair verified owner — April 19, The chocolate peanut butter flavor is delicious! My only concern is the price, I wish it was a little more affordable. Oh and I love the fitness blog-diet and nutrition section of the website! I wish they posted recipes using the protein powders more frequently though.

All in all, a great product! Stacy Jantz verified owner — April 19, Ive tried others but I keep coming back because nothing even comes close!

Every flavor is perfect. I love how the Molten Chocolate reminds me of Nesquik that I had as a kid, most chocolate protein tastes kinda plain. So much love for Apollo! Kristen Mohamed verified owner — April 20, I changed it up and bought the new caramel flavor and was not disappointed. This stuff mixes up great in smoothies or just with water.

Will never stop buying! Eliana verified owner — April 20, The birthday cake cupcake protein is so good! Would definitely get it again! Canikah Lockett — April 21, The banana flavor wasnt my favorite. It taste like medicine. I really want to try the vanilla. Also I had gas after drinking this not sure why. Sarah — April 22, I was satisfied with the size of the container, it was reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this product.

I bought the salted Carmel and instantly regretted my decision. It literally has no flavor and is also very gritty like sand. Not impressed in the least bit. So, I tried the cookies and creme protein powder and it is delicious! I have ordered that flavor twice, but this time I tried the chocolate!

It is still good, but not as flavorful and not as delicious as the cookies and creme. It is an average chocolate taste and texture, and I would say that what would make it better would be a richer chocolate flavor! I think that would make it 5 stars! So for me, cookies and creme is a 5 star, and chocolate is more of an average 4. I played it safe and got the Vanilla Milkshake flavor and it was SO yummy!!

The consistency is perfect and the taste is amazing! Allie verified owner — April 24, Estee verified owner — April 24, I even use it to make myself cookie dough.

I got the birthday cake flavor. LOVE my unico protein!! Tried the birthday cake flavor — amazing! This does not have that, and really tastes like birthday cake! The taste is awesome! Even with just water! Thank you so much for this product! Karie verified owner — April 26, Caramel Flavor tastes just like caramel. The flavor is good. The energy you get is great and you feel full. I absolutely love this protein powder! Samantha Harrell verified owner — April 29, I have tried a lot of different protein powders and this is by far my favoirte.

It mixes well with no grit or chalky flavor. The vanilla milkshake is true to its flavore name. I ordered both the chocolate peanut butter and gooey cinnamon roll and they both taste incredible.

Not only does the protein taste amazing, but the ingredients are what really made me look in to this brand. The grass fed whey along with casein make this a great protein shake for any time of the day or post workout. Cant wait to try more flavors! They actually taste good!

Meagan Price verified owner — May 2, Best tasting protein powder ever. Thank you for making such amazing products!!! Sierra Kuckein verified owner — May 2, Tastes so good just with water or in oats or in baking or smoothies…. Crystal Torres — May 3, Brittanyjbecker verified owner — May 4, I have tried both the Salted Caramel and the Birthday Cake and they are incredible!

Lindsey verified owner — May 7, Like this protein powder! A little high in carbs compared to others , but tastes great. Also, the scooper seems to be a bit large, measure the powder using a scale to get accurate gram count! I absolutely love this protein powder. I have tried protein powders before and have never enjoyed the flavor OR the consistency. I ordered the Cookies and Creme flavored one and absolutely love it.

Genuinely tastes like a CandC milkshake. The second best part, is how long it leaves me feeling satisfied. I drink it in the morning and I feel satisfied until lunch time which is awesome! Hope verified owner — May 8, Will definitely be buying again. I got chocolate peanut butter and when I mix with a little milk it really tastes like a milkshake!

The frosted cinnamon roll is to die for. I mix this with milk and the texture is smooth and easy to get down. This protein keeps me full for a long period of time. Bailey verified owner — May 10, Sara Bijan verified owner — May 13, Very clean taste and amazing macros. The birthday cake flavor is my favorite! Ana — May 14, Hunger and craving curbing like no other!!

I have the fastest metabolism and am constantly snacking every 3 hours and one scoop with water I swear fills me up for over 5 hours!!! Not to mention the flavor are heavenly! Hunger and craving curbing like no other!

A single scoop keeps me full for up to 5 hours, and I swear I have the fastest metabolism ever! Amazing taste and wide variety of flavors, excited to continue to try more! I feel full, it lasts a long time. It never feels like I am truly replacing a meal. I am enjoying the taste and having what feels like a real meal.

I will continue to purchase this product for a long time. I am incredibly happy with it. The delicious vanilla pure protein powder was very tasty. I loved making banana protein pancakes with it and the flavor was the best protein powder that I have had without that super protein taste.

It was very fluffy in the shakes And great quality. I have never been a salted caramel fan but this product is aaamazing!!! I absolutely love it! Shauna verified owner — May 19, I liked the taste of the powder but I was really disappointed in the packaging. Birthday Cake Cupcake is absolutely delicious!! I blended some frozen strawberries with it and it tasted like homemade cake. I have tried many other protein powders and before ordering from Unico.

It gives me everything I need after a tough workout to re-fuel and keep me going until my meal. Laura verified owner — May 22, Alexis Cordivari verified owner — May 23, The flavor is amazing and the powder is very fine so it mixes extremely well with no lumps!

Kathleen verified owner — May 24, Like I enjoy drinking my protein because of this brand. This is one of the best protein powders that i have tried. I purchased the burthday cupcake and it tastes awesome!

I will definitely purchase again. I will be trying the other flavors: HP verified owner — May 25, This is seriously one of the best tasting proteins I have tried. I have tried to gooey cinnamon roll and birthday cupcake. Both are absolutely wonderful! They are a little off putting because they get soggy after a little bit.

Kelly OBrien verified owner — May 25, The cinnamon flavor is so darn delicious!!! Andrea verified owner — May 28, Jackie Gutierrez verified owner — May 29, Honestly the best tasting protein I have had in a while. I definitely recommend anyone to try this. I usually get the vanilla because I like to make different flavored shakes.

I made my own and ate it with fresh fruit throughout my pregnancy. Straining, while a good way to thicken, lessens the quantity of your batch. Thank you for taking the time to share this recipe Eliza. To share my experience for the next person, I heated the milk on the stove in a pot, stirring constantly, and reached in about 45 minutes.

Left in an open wide casserole dish, the milk cooled to in less than 30 minutes. I left it in the oven for just over 8 hours and it came out with a nice consistency though next time I will leave it in for 9 hours to make it a little thicker. Cooled for over 6 hours was out running errands and then strained for an hour using a bowl, a regular colander and a thin clean!

Hi, I just made my first greek yogurt and it turned out pretty good in texture but with a tiny acid flavor, whatc could go wrong? It was 12 hours inside a box which was inside another box i put cartoon newspaper and things like that in between the boxes I covered everything with a big blanket and put it inside the oven, but turned off. Did you preheat the oven a bit and leave your oven light on?

Differences in milk can also cause variations in taste, so you might experiment with a different brand. You could also add a little nonfat dried milk to increase the protein level in the yogurt which might help it be less acidic.

Good luck and let us know how your next batch turns out! It makes 1 litre about a quart of unstrained yoghurt and has been designed so that the given amount of boiling water 1. The Easiyo system expects you to buy their fruit-flavoured and sugared packs of milk powder and starter culture for each batch, but, like everyone else here, I use my favorite live culture yoghurt as a starter and then reuse my yoghurt as a starter for five our six batches before I buy a new lot. I simply pour room-temperature milk into the jar, add the mother culture, put the jar into the boiling water inside the insulated container, and leave it for six hours.

Then I refrigerate it. I find that the yoghurt gets thicker in the refrigerator so I do this before straining to the required thickness. To strain I use a piece of well-washed fine weave cotton sheet placed inside a sieve over a jug. I turn a flap of spare clothe over the top to avoid microbial or fungal contamination. I sterilize my containers and utensils, but the milk has already been sterilized by pasturization. It was also non-homogonised, so all those tiny natural globules of milk fat resulted in a grainy textured yoghurt.

I was interested in making my own yogurt and found your site. Followed your directions and now have a beautiful container of homemade yogurt that I can control what else goes in it. Thank you very much for posting the information you did. It made it much easier for me to understand and do. Anyway, I tried to find a definitive answer to your question and I came up with these two facts: The active culture stays live for about two weeks, so the sooner you eat the yogurt, the better.

Question in the last step of straining the yogurt: After the first strain through cheesecloth, it says to put the bowl back in the fridge and then restrain. Do you pour the yogurt that has been strained back into the bowl, after dummping the whey, and then re-strain through the same cheesecloth or do you need to line the strainer with a new set of cheesecloth?

Lauren, I just pour the whey out of the bowl but leave the yogurt in the cheesecloth-lined strainer. Then put the whole set-up back in the fridge, where some more of the liquid will drain off into the bowl. Hope this helps, and good luck! I hope you have better results with your next batch. My son taught me how to make yogurt, without a thermometer. We heat the milk on low till it starts to steam, never letting it boil.

Remove from the heat, and let it cool till you can stick your finger in and leave it there for 8 seconds. At that time I add the starter. I then put it in a quart size mason jar, and wrap it in a down comforter overnight. In the morning I refrigerate it, and once cooled, strain it through a coffee filter in a colander hanging over a large bowl. Perfect yogurt every time.

Love the quality that I control, and saving money. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Linda! This is great yogurt. I use the microwave instead of the stove top. It takes between 16 and 17 minutes, on High, to reach the correct temperature. I also add a cup of dry milk to add extra calcium. Also, when I was reading Colin […].

I stuck an outdoor thermometer in my oven with the light on. It only reached 75 degrees? Another site I saw says to keep it a Or you might try this: Turn it off as soon as you pour the yogurt in the container to cool on the countertop, and turn the oven light on at that time. Proceed according to the directions, and start checking the yogurt after 7 or 8 hours. Whipping cream has 0 carbs and the yogurt I use has 9 grams of carbs per cup.

This would be very low carb for those of us on carbohydrate diets. If you experiment, will you let us know how it turns out? I make yogurt with heavy whipping cream all the time and it works fine. For those counting carbohydrates it is great! I do not use the powdered milk or the gelatin.

Simply the heavy whipping cream and 2. I incubate mine in an ice chest with a heating pad. I cover the ice chest with a heavy quilt and in eight hours, I have the most wonderful yogurt you can imagine. I love your blog and have been thinking about making yoghurt for a while. I poured the milk into a glass bowl and I stirred in one tablespoon of bought plain yogurt and then covered the bowl with a clean towel.

This morning I had lovely yoghurt but it was a little thin so I poured it into a cheesecloth and placed the whole lot in my sieve over the milk pot from last night. I left it in the fridge while I went for a cycle ride. When I got home we had lovely thick yoghurt on our cereal. It was so easy thank you!! If you want to boost the protein level of your homemade yogurt, add a couple of tablespoons of dried milk powder to the milk when you first heat it.

Thanks and good luck! My favorite Greek yogurt is Oitkos Organic. It has 5 live cultures, no thickeners, and is made from pasturized non-fat organic milk.

Stonyfield has just bought out the company and the plain 32 oz. I can only find it at Whole Foods and it is expensive! This blog has given me the inspiration to make Greek yogurt from scratch using a starter from my favorite yogurt.

I use the cooler technique with glass quart jars and lids and some with boiling water in them to maintain the temperature because I make so much at once. I also sterilize things — including spoons, pot, containers — to not introduce unwanted bacteria. The whey can be used in so many other ways — with acidity ricotta cheese, cottage cheese….

Need to Google and go to quite a few sites to see lots of variations. Basic thick yogurt is made with very high fat milk. The milk used in Greek natural — as she mentioned with sheep, Jersey cows — their milk is much higher in fat than say Holsteins.

Milk from the animals, heated, and then made into cheeses, yogurt, etc will be rich and thick. Putting some cream back will help. Whey has sugar in it, so taking it out also does take out some sugar. There are lots of cookbooks out there for ways to use yogurt, so do remember that you can have lots of options. Another way to get better drainage faster — stir the yogurt before straining I use basic, cheap coffee filters — buy them bulk.

Unfortunately, look at different yogurts you like — many use thickening agents. I also freeze yogurt in thick baggies then into a big thick bag— into the deepest part of the freezer to avoid freezer burn. I have good starter for each time rather than using from made batches and losing the quality over time. I also have starter for whenever I want — like after a vacation or maybe an illness. Thanks for posting and helping others!! Saving money feels great…. I had a gift card so I ended up buying a yogurt maker and have a batch in there right now.

Turns out, the issue was the temperature in which I incubated the yogurt. I followed the rest of your instructions and the yogurt turned out great! I love Greek Yogurt! I found out that I could make cheap greek yogurt easily by using a yogurt strainer.

You just pour in cheap store-brand yogurt, refridgerate and voila! You can even use organic yogurt for a good price too. So a 32 oz container makes about 16oz of greek yogurt. Put it in little containers with a littler sugar and fruit and save a ton over individual greek yogurt cups! I basically followed these instructions, but did it in the crock although I am a microbiologist and did not keep the pot open to air or change pots because I was paranoid about contamination. Anyway, the first time I used Chobani as a starter.

The yogurt came out perfect. So thick with no need for straining. Next I tried Wallaby and then Stoneyfield. The results were good, but nowhere near as good as with the Chobani. Anyone else experiment with the starter? I used this recipe from Happy Simple […]. The yogurt came out thick and creamy and we […]. This yogurt looked very nice. I love eating yogurt but I only tasted the commercially-bought yogurt. Thanks for sharing it. Would leaving it on the counter be enough heat?

Or maybe putting a desk lamp on it while keeping it covered? Thanks for the awesome post! I love the way it comes out. Both are necessary to ensure a safe product. I have been making the yogurt for about 2 months now and love it. I have also got my son and his wife involved. Any ideas of how to correct this? Thanks for a great site. Instead, I like to have a yogurt and tomato salad for breakfast.

This gives me a good dose of protein without all the carbs that yogurt with granola and sweetener delivers. Yummy and filling without all the carbs. Such a great and simple recipe- I used the Wallaby organic yogurt you have in the picture, very delicious! Thank you for this recipe i have been using it for a couple of months now and love that i control what the sugar content is.. Tammy, what happy news. Thanks so much for your comment. Instead of incubating in the oven, I used a small space heater on the countertop.

The batch was covered and wrapped in a towel. Stained 3x just like fage for some rediculously thick fat free yogurt! My kids will be so excited. Thank you SO much!! Came upon your site to make Greek yogurt, so I am trying to make a batch now!! Go to the bottom of the recipe. Thanks so much for stopping by to share this information, Brian. Who wants to waste the whey when it can be put to good use? I have been making Greek yogurt for quite awhile now and I love it.

I had been eating the Fage brand for quite awhile and it was my favorite. Something had to change so I turned to my bff, Google, to teach me how to make it at home. I make it the same way you do.

A friend of mine told me she made her own yogurt and said it came out really good. When I asked her for the recipe, she pointed me to your website and said she followed your directions to the letter. It is lit via a pilot light. Do you think that the heat from the pilot light would be warm enough to process the yogurt? Hello Eliza, I have tried this twice and had some luck.

The second time it worked…but my yogurt has a glue like consistency. I even strained if for several hrs and it still has this gooey texture. Did I not leave it the oven long enough? Turn the oven off just before you put the covered, towel-wrapped container in the oven, but do leave the oven light on. Then proceed as directed. I think the little bit of extra heat will jump-start the mixture. This has worked for me in the past and I hope it works for you! Let me know, okay?

And thanks so much for stopping by. I just made this yesterday and WOW! It is so delicious and I love that I can save on my grocery bill! Thank you so much for sharing! Im using this link as my recipe: I add berries for breakfast. Dear David, I am so sorry to hear this! But I applaud you for being persistent. I have a feeling your oven may not be getting warm enough from the lightbulb. I think the little bit of added fat will help it thicken, too.

I would love to hear back from you if these suggestions help, and I will be sending you positive yogurt-making vibes! The problem I had was my oven light burnt out over night 8 hours and the yogurt was like water. The whole house smelled like burnt milk. The milk also tasted burnt. This time I forgot to add powdered milk. Yet after 8 hours it was yogurt. I was determined to make it work. This time I stirred really well. After 9 hours and in the fridge over night its like thick soup. I tried to strain it in some filters and nothing strained its too thick but not like yogurt.

Any ideas why this is not working? I am wondering if the powdered milk is the problem. Does the milk have to be a certain temp when I add it? I have made it a few different ways sometimes using yogurt that I purchased and sometimes the yogourmet starter.

The last time I made it I used more than a few tablespoons of the left over yogurt for the starter and it was more sour than usual. Thanks for the tip. My maker did not come with instructions so I found some online. It says do not use any yogurt with sugar and it will not process right and vanilla would have sugar in it I believe. Any thoughts on that? Also I always add powdered non-fat milk to my mix as I am warming the milk as the instructions I found said that makes thicker yougurt.

Thanks for the tip about adding the powdered milk, Barbara. Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks, Tyrone, and I enjoyed visiting your blog, too! Readers, check out http: Just to let everyone know in relation to the asterisk…. All milk, whether it is organic or not, does NOT contain antibiotics.

It is all tested before it is put onto the shelves and any milk that tests positive is rejected. The list includes drugs like penicillin and ampicillin, which are also prescribed for people.

In those cases, the milk is destroyed. But dairy farmers use many more drugs that are not regularly tested for in milk. Regulators are concerned because some of those other drugs have been showing up in the slaughterhouse testing.

According to the article, in federal inspectors found illegal levels of antibiotics in a fraction of the 2. Concerned that those antibiotics might also be contaminating the milk Americans drink, the F.

The plan was met with opposition by the Dairy Farmers of America. I now strain my yogurt with paper towels or coffee filters. In the past I had great success with making a smaller amount of yogurt on a heating pad. Now I make quarts at a time. I have been making yogurt for years, and since I did not have a thermometer when I began I never have used one. I heat the milk in a double boiler until the water boils, stirring frequently I cool the milk in the pot on the counter for 40 minutes.

I heat a small oven to lowest setting then turn it off, add starter to milk turn off the oven and let culture for hours. Thanks for sharing your process.

After all, people have been making yogurt since Biblical times without thermometers so it should be do-able! Thank you for the great recipe and tips, I had planned to try the crock poy, but then found your method.

I am so happy with the results! No more Chobani for me, homemade organic yogurt for a fraction of the price! Seems so much easier. I had one batch that was sooo tangy twaaaang! I drained most of the whey and added fresh milk. I am the queen of failed yogurt. The one batch I made that was really tangy also happened to be the batch I left in the oven the longest. You might try this: Proceed according to the directions, and start checking the yogurt after 6 or 7 hours.

This may give you the firmness you want, without the extra tangy-ness. Good luck and let us know how it turns out! I really want to start making my own yogurt — both to save money and to ensure we are eating healthier. Sorry for the disappointing result. You might experiment with another brand. Also, the longer you ferment the yogurt generally the more sour it will become.

So you might try your next batch with a shorter resting time in the oven. The added protein will help thicken the mixture. I used your recipe last night and was very careful to stir stir stir. The only thing I did differently was double the recipe. This morning it loooks like your picture except it is much more watery. Do you think it needs to stay in the oven longer?

I also tasted it and it tasted warm, like a combo of sour milk and yogurt, and thin. Would you say I should leave it in the oven longer or have I screwed it up?

Please answer as soon as you can! When you refrigerate it, it will thicken and then you can pour a little of the whey off, too. Tom from Down Under- 1. The step of heating the milk to 85deg C F does much more than pasteurize the milk, kill undersirable bugs. Fresh raw milk is remarkably resistant to spoilage due to the presence of certain live enzymes.

Unfortunately, these same enzymes also antagonize the yogurt-making bugs, so the high temp is necessary to de-activate these natural preservatives. The natural milk proteins are also partially denaturized by the heat, which impoves the texture markedly.

Put it simply, do NOT skip this step! I keep it at 85deg C F for 30 minutes yes, one half-hour which results in a thicker product. I cool the upper pot in a sink full of cold water before I pitch in the starter. The rest of the procedure is standard, and the author does a good job describing what to do. After too many generations, the bugs evolution changes their biology and may produce an off-taste.

As far as homogonization goes, that requires special equipment to force milk through a set of very small orifices, rupturing the membranes of the suspended fat globules. Not something to do at home. Just mix the butterfat back into the yogurt. I skim mine and eat it straight-up when I am in the mood for an extra-rich treat! It is not likely to separate when you make Greek yogurt, in any event. Thanks for this great information! We have no nearby cows in our suburban neighborhood but I wish we did.

Hi there, I just tried this for the first time. But I had a question about the taste. You mentioned that yours comes out with a mild taste but mine came out pretty sour. I am wondering if the length of time I had it in the oven had to do with it.

So is that way too long and had I taken it out after 8 hours, it would of been more mild? Trying not to be jealous. Our neighbours take what they can and it seems a shame just to dump the rest, but down here in New Zealand we are only allowed to sell 5 pints a day at the farm gate. Is there any way of home homogenising milk? Sort of question 3: I partially solved that by using as a started a powdered yogurt mix — just add water — but I added a tablespoon per liter of milk.

I have my 4th batch cooling on the counter right now, and I am so happy to have found this recipe. I like it plain, but my daughter loves it with some vanilla bean paste added for flavor. I noticed that most of the organic milk at the grocery store was ultra-pasturized in the half gallon and quart containers, but that the same brand in gallon containers was not ultra-pasturized.

I thought that was odd. Anyway, so happy to have found this recipe and your site thank you so much! What a great idea, Karen. Thank you for the recipe! Only took 6 hrs. Yogurt is one of my fox staples and to know I can make it myself without chemicals and sugar all the better. Any alterations to the recipe? Love the streamlined recipe and your relaxed substitutorial? Yes, you can totally make yogurt with non-fat milk. You can even make the strained, Greek yogurt with nonfat milk.

Let us know how it turns out! I think you just saved me a lot of money. I buy more yogurt than anything else in my fridge. My son and I are trying it tonight! See above — Emily asked a similar question. For the highest protein content, add some powdered milk and make Greek yogurt, which will concentrate the protein content. Good luck and thanks for your question! How do you calculate the amount of protein in the homemade yogurt? Is it the same as the milk?

Thank you for this recipe. I tried it for the first time yesterday. It was super easy. The yogurt turned out great. I strained it overnight. Next time I will just strain it for 1 or 2 hours. If you make regular yogurt, the protein content will be identical to the ingredients you use. Hi there — I have a question about the yogurt making process in your recipe.

Can you tell me about the food safety aspect of leaving the milk out overnight, or for more than four hours? I understand you must need a way for the good bacteria to grow but how do you stop the bad bacteria from growing? Acidity alone has been questioned by recent outbreaks of food poisoning by E.

H7 that is acid-tolerant. H7 is easily destroyed by pasteurization heating. Therefore, always pasteurize milk or use commercially pasteurized milk to make yogurt. Discard batches that fail to set properly, especially those due to culture errors. Molds, yeasts and slow growing bacteria can spoil the yogurt during prolonged storage.

Ingredients added to yogurt should be clean and of good quality. Discard any yogurt samples with visible signs of microbial growth or any odors other than the acidity of fresh yogurt. Always use clean and sanitized equipment and containers to ensure a long shelf life for your yogurt. Clean equipment and containers in hot detergent water, then rinse well. Allow to air dry. Quick question…the reserve 2tbs of yogurt that you retain for a starter for your next batch…how long can that be kept?

Can it be frozen to be kept longer? For example, I have a tub of Chobani vanilla flavored greek yogurt in my fridge. Can I use that? You can absolutely use the Greek yogurt you already have in the fridge to start your homemade batch. The important thing is to make sure it has those active cultures, and there should be a notation to that effect on the side of the carton.

Since you only use a small amount, it requires much more time to build up the bacteria. It still needs to be heated up. There are different methods of pasteurization, anyway.

Not all of them heat the milk to And thanks for the clarification about Little Miss Muffet! Eliza, it was use the stuff in lassi or cry.

But the only non-fruited, active culture yogurt I could find in that store was a Stonyfield Greek with honey on the bottom. Unfortunately it also had carob bean gum and pectin added to it. This batch I heated to almost boiling, added 4 T. When the whey had separated enough, I drained and pressed it in its cloth.

I will admit that after reading another post, I did not heat the milk to After reading on the link you provided thank you! While out grocery shopping I spotted half-gallons of organic milk and remembered this recipe. Since I love Greek yogurt, I decided to give it a try last night. Then I saw the words of doom waaaay down at the bottom and in small print: I know ultra-pasteurized is a no-no for cheesemaking since the process messes up the milk proteins, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Quite mild and tasty, but way too thin. When I tried to strain it, the whole thing oozed through. One less thing to wash. Kirsten, how did your yogurt turn out? It seems like much of the organic milk in stores is ultra-pasteurized. A long expiration date is a big tip-off! From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect more. Click here to learn more about the webinar.

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