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Seattle Sutton or Nutrisystem?
Ed- I speak with Reese nearly every month, and he is always courteous and kind. Julie's links Chicago news, sports, photos, video, blogs, Chicago weather, business, travel, tourism, entertainment and jobs -- chicagotribune. I'm doing Weight Watchers now and swear by it. During the first week, I had to supplement the calorie diet with fresh fruit or almonds between meals because I got hungry, but after that week I am fine on the calories and I am doing cardio 4 times a week. In an attempt to add flavor to meals they push green pepper, which i detest. Thoughts, and ok for after a surgery? If you don't mind spending the money to have someone cook for you, then this program might be a wise choice.

Meal-Delivery weight loss program with diabetics in mind.

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I'm fortunate to live close enough to the Illinois HQ so that meals are delivered by truck twice weekly to my local distributor where I can pick them up. THAT makes the price pretty prohibitive. That's actually less than I'd be spending eating out as much as I would otherwise do. As you can see, I'm totally sold on Seattle Sutton, the only diet that I have found to be sustainable and successful for me in the long term, and the only diet with prepared foods I can actually stand to eat!

I would encourage anyone and everyone needing to lose weight or needing a restricted diet for other health reasons e. If you find it helps you, you can do as I do and skip a week or two in between your SS weeks to cut down on the expense.

I have been using the Seattle Sutton program for over 2 years, and not only have I lost weight, it has taught me about portion control!

Sometimes I order week to week and on occasion I just order a half-week which is a great option in my opinion. Since it is fresh food, they do have deadlines to make changes to your order, but it was never an issue since the deadline is reasonable. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants fresh food delivered to their door.

I am a busy professional, and eating healthy has always been difficult especially at the end of a long day. That is why it is great that everything is fully cooked, and very easy to prepare! Ed- I speak with Reese nearly every month, and he is always courteous and kind.

Tuesday is definitely after the cutoff their cutoff of Friday. Perhaps it wasn't bad customer service, but a bad customer.

It actually DOES have an entire vegetarian menu option that is delicious! And cost is not that bad when compared to what I normally spend in groceries each week. Well worth it- the food is great! Easy to set up on-line. Some meals were in excess of calories, was surprised. Not the best tasting. Biggest con, no flexibility on changing deliveries and VERY poor customer servcie.

Spoke to Reese, was very rude and condenscending. When I called back to log a complaint, the customer service person talked all over me and stated I must be mistaken. They tell me is a small family business with family members working in it and all are very professional and I was not being reasonable.

I attemted to reschedule a delivery due to needing to attend a funeral out state, Reese stated hard to believe I just found out on Tuesday I would not be in town on Friday, with a chuckle Then when I stated I wanted to donate the food to a hunger center, with 30 hours notice prior to shipment I was told they could not do that but I can when I receive the shipment and do that on my own, of course I will be out of town.

I then said I wanted to just pay for it and not receive the food, was told they cannot do that, they are VERY busy And wonder about how automated they are. Amounts of food need to be modified a week in advance, I cancelled after one shipment. Food ranges from yuck to great, depending on the menu. I LOVE this diet!! I was on the 1, cal about 4 years ago and lost about 35 lbs. I've tried every diet in the book and although this is expensive I don't mind paying because I know it works, it's easy and I love the food.

I look forward to the food arriving every week because I know there's nothing that will disappoint. The other "big" thing for me is you can still lose weight and not exercise. I am walking but I don't "have to" to lose. At night I love my "glass of milk" and with Seattle Sutton you get calories a day extra for a snack or in my case that nightly glass of milk or chocolate milk!

Convenient easy and delicious! Would be better if switched up the menus for long term customers! I decided to try it again. I was shocked at the quality of the food. Either no taste or old food, on the verge of going bad. Brown lettuce, sour veges and really bad fish.

I had to throw away 3 meals and believe me I am not a picky eater, I can eat anything that's why Im overweight. I was really disappointed that they thought so little of customers that they would pawn off that stuff as editable food. If you have diverticulitis forget it cause a lot of the food has seeds everywhere.

The price at a week was not worth it. I'm dumbfounded to read negative posts but do realize that most people usually only post when they want to complain. The calorie plan was an eye for me as i realized my portion control on my own were much larger.

With daily exercise I had drastic weigh loss. First of all, I work a lot of hours during the week and this has taken the guesswork and preparation time out of "what am I going to eat tomorrow. It is fresh, thoughtful and I feel like my mom is cooking for me again. Nice selection of foods I pretty much eat anything so I have no issues with any of the food.

If you are a very picky eater, this may not be the diet for you I would suggest trying it for 1 week to see how you like it. The carb count does seem a little high, but this diet is not advertised as "low carb" and I am losing weight on this nonetheless. During the first week, I had to supplement the calorie diet with fresh fruit or almonds between meals because I got hungry, but after that week I am fine on the calories and I am doing cardio 4 times a week.

On the days I lift weights, I have to increase my overall intake to calories again supplementing healthy foods between meals as my body needs it on these days. SS I think you should have a calorie non vegetarian plan Kudos to you for adding the vegetarian plan In any event, overall I am very pleased with this diet I'm not a picky eater, and I didn't think the portions were horrible I didn't go hungry , but the food was really salty and I love salt!

I ended up throwing away probably weeks worth of Nutrisystem food because I just couldn't make myself eat it. Its all about the weightwatchers. Outside of sparkpeople they are the only syatem that works. Plus its way cheaper. I tried SSHE on two seperate occasions. Honestly, the majority of the food was average to not good at all. The specific guy that I dealt with was kind of rude when I was asking about what the meals included since I am deathly allergic to fish.

Things turned out kind of soupy after being reheated as well. Overall, unless you have immense amounts of weight to lose, can afford the program, and can avoid eating out completely its not worth it. The program also forced me to eat things I normally would not like fish. Also, I would probably order Seattle Sutton again if I knew I was going to have a busy couple of weeks where I could easily get off-track and start eating fast food.

I had thought that Seattle Sutton would be fresher food, but from most of the reviews here it sounds like its not that great. Plus if I am buying froz dinners then I am choosing the meals instead of just getting whatever the plan is for that week.

Thanks everyone for your input! I personally don't recommeded those two for two reason One it costly Number two it doesn't teach you behavior modifaction I loved Weight watcher there I learn how to deal wit everyday sistuation, I loved their support I am a big fan off weight watchers for one reason It's about behavior modifaction unlike nutrisystem and sutton were all someone has to do iz eat not pick the food Weight watcher gets 2 the root of the problem and tries to adjust their member to new solution to their bad eating habit Keep going to those meeting and following their plan and u'll see results It just changed its name over from meal movement, I believe.

The photos on the main splash screen are a little misleading, but the food itself is really good. They're all losing weight at a really nice pace. I've got another friend who just eats what they send instead of adding anything, and she's losing weight at the same rate.

Jenny Craig honestly wasn't too bad. You haven't learned any practical, food-managing skills, so you're bound to put the weight back on after you've stopped ordering food from them. I'd also recommend visiting a nutritionist, or, if you still want some food guidance, go with Weight Watchers. But be aware that if you want to not gain weight, you either have to eventually let go of the training wheels and figure out what to eat on your own, or you're going to have to be on the plan forever, which is very expensive.

The food is pretty good. I heard they redid the menu in the last couple years. This morning I had a donut for breakfast, and I had mashed potatoes for lunch. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Post Read Guidelines First. Will I get loose skin? How can I get through a plateau? July 6th Last Weigh in: Tantrum Tuesday - the place for complaining Wecipe Wednesday - share your favorites! Weigh-In Wednesday - share your numbers!

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