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3 Secrets Your Protein Shake Is Hiding From You…
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6 Things to consider before selling supplements to your clients | Rule #26

As with training, you are your own first client. What reason do you have to sell it? The next thing that you want to consider. Okay, have I exhausted all my efforts in order to make sure my clients are practicing good nutritional habits, this goes back to number one. Alright, so before you were approached by this supplement company were you doing anything to make sure that your clients were in line with the nutrition.

Are you asking them for journals, are you reviewing the journals? So, if you want an idea on how you can at least identify somebody that needs help, have a, have a day out of the week where everybody has to weigh in and report whether or not there is weight loss, weight gain, or no change.

The truth is some people need more help than others. Moreover, the time you spend training is a great time to review where your client may or may not be struggling in nutrition. If after many attempts you notice a need, then you can recommend a supplement program with a clear conscience.

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If the resulting mixture is too concentrated, the osmolality could be too high, leading to GI distress stomach cramps, vomiting. Ingesting excessive electrolytes could also pose a problem, however, most sports drinks don't contain enough electrolytes for this to be a concern. The sodium replacement product "The Right Stuff" contains mg sodium per serving. The manufacturer recommends that this be diluted in no less than oz. Sports drinks may be good for our bodies, but not so good for our teeth.

Any beverage that contains sugars can coat the tooth surface and promote tooth decay. At first, you might think: Sports drinks might not seem very expensive For routine exercise where you haven't perspired like crazy, plain water is perfectly fine for rehydration.

Take a look at this cost comparison:. You made comparisons to milk several times in this review. Is there any research on milk as a substitute for sports drinks or recovery drinks? One of the first definitive studies on milk -- specifically, chocolate milk -- was published in Feb.

Chocolate milk was compared to original ie. The authors speculated that the higher fat content of chocolate milk 5. A similar study in the UK, published in , showed that subjects cycled longer during a 2nd exercise session if they had consumed chocolate milk as a "recovery beverage" immediately following the first exercise session Thomas K, et al. Not all studies are positive, however.

One study showed that, even though muscle CK levels were lower in cyclists who consumed chocolate milk post-exercise, their exercise performance hrs later was no different whether they consumed chocolate milk or a carbohydrate sports drink Pritchett K, et al.

Nevertheless, others who have reviewed this topic have concluded that milk seems to be a satisfactory "recovery" drink after either endurance exercise or resistance exercise Roy BD. Glycerol occurs naturally in the body. It has been used IV and orally in clinical medicine and has been studied in athletes for more than 25 years because of its ability to retain body water. During exercise in hot climates, glycerol helps to regulate body temperature Robergs RA, et al.

But the real question is: Several studies have been done, but the results vary. Glycerol improved performance during cycling Anderson MJ, et al. The dose employed in these studies was similar generally in the range of 1. While researching these products, I did not come across any sports drinks that contained glycerol. But, it is possible to purchase glycerol separately.

Before trying it, athletes need to keep 2 things in mind: Glycerol can cause GI intolerance. This is important because it has a short half-life, and, therefore, must be ingested just prior to competition. Also, at one time, the USOC considered glycerol a banned substance it was classified as a diuretic. This ruling was changed in It is very important if you are perspiring heavily, or, over a prolonged period of time eg.

All sports drinks contain some sodium. On the label, look for:. This amount of sodium is not harmful If plain water is the only liquid available during a race, then try to eat some salty pretzels during and after the event. Taking in carbohydrates while exercising or competing is now universally accepted as beneficial. According to most sports nutritionists, the optimum "dose" is 60 grams of carbs per hour during a lengthy race Van Essen, et al.

Ignoring the criticisms regarding study design, these beverages may enhance recovery even if they don't improve performance. But, as with anything else, test it during a training run before using it during a race to see if it agrees with your GI tract. If you don't want a sports drink with caffeine, then simply avoid those. Most sports drinks don't contain caffeine, so you have plenty of choices. Here, you can read short reviews of beverages and look up ingredients, though, for some products, a more comprehensive ingredient list was found on the manufacturer's product-specific site.

Stan Reents, PharmD, is available to speak on this and many other exercise-related topics. Here is a downloadable recording of one of his Health Talks. He also provides a one-on-one Health Coaching Service. Contact him through the Contact Us page. Details regarding the ingredients of the products summarized here were obtained from manufacturer web sites, and from actual product labels during July The effects of Red Bull energy drink on human performance and mood.

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Int J Sport Nutr ;2: Carbohydrate protein complex increases the rate of muscle glycogen storage after exercise. Stan Reents, PharmD , is a former healthcare professional. Neither the author, nor AthleteInMe. Fitness Tip of the Day! Walking and Diabetes Plain old walking, if done regularly, can reduce the risk of death in diabetics.

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