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Digestive System II: The Lower Gastrointestinal Tract
I am a student I am a teacher. My doctor even laughed at me when I asked her why I have stomach pain. Email Email is required. Chapter 5 - Cost and Return Analysis. Are you 13 or older?

The Lower Gastrointestinal Tract

Got digestive problems? Take it easy on the veggies.

Have them research the structure and functions of the part. Ask your students to research the diseases associated with damage to that part. Have your students to write a four paragraph essay explaining their research findings. Explain the process of what happens when you eat a piece of food using a specific example.

Give a piece of this food item to your students. Have them eat it while you explain what is happening to the piece of food that they are eating.

For example, tell your students that their teeth is grinding the food in their mouths. After the food is broken down, it will go through the esophagus. Point to the esophagus and ask your students if they feel the food there.

Explain that the food item they ate will go to the stomach after it leaves the esophagus. Explain to your students that the food is broken down in the stomach and goes through the small intestine after it leaves the stomach.

Tell your students that the energy they get from the food is because the blood picks it up from the small intestine and delivers it to the cells. Explain that the leftover food goes to the large intestine and the large intestine enables it to the exit the body. Divide your students into groups of four. Ask them to write a song or a poem that uses at least four parts of the digestive system as a group.

Ask each group to read their poem or sing their song out loud to the class. Little biologists will use this respiratory system diagram to identify the most important parts of the human respiratory system and their functions. Use this Inside-Out Anatomy worksheet to learn about the digestive system. Get Ready for Fourth Grade. These math worksheets apply multiplication to the real world with interactive games and word problems that address multiplying double-digit numbers, place values and the properties of operations.

These articles, short stories, fairy tales and fables teach kids about a wide range of subjects so your child can learn more about history and science while improving literacy and vocabulary skills.

Additionally, show them how the digestive system delivers important nutrients to other parts of the body and also excretes wastes from the body. Budding biologists can learn all about human digestion with this information page, complete with a diagram of the digestive system.

This worksheet is all about circuits, tests her skills and reinforces the concept of how a circuit works! Find out with this fun worksheet, dedicated to teaching you and your child all about alligators! This worksheet gets your students thinking about the many attributes of this important 2-D shape. All About the American Bald Eagle. Learn all about the bald eagle with this fun, informative worksheet!

I am allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, and corn. All I eat now are rice krispies, chocolate, and plain peanut butter all organic with no additives.

What do you eat? Is there any useful enzyme one can take, a la beano, that makes digesting raw veggies easier? I cannot eat raw fruits or raw vegetables. I am wondering if blending raw fruits and vegetables into a smoothie will work or is it that cooking them changes the chemistry so I can digest them?

I am scared to try this for fear of getting sick, but if blending them will do the same thing as cooking them, I want to give it a try. Thanks for your help. Cooking them destroys some of the fiber.

They say juice one cabbage a day and drink it 4x throughout the day and eat the diet you can handle and you should start feeling better and hopefully start to slowly introduce more foods after the gut heals. Has anyone else heard about this or tried it? I really believe the body can heal itself if given the right nutrients so before going back to the Dr. Good luck to all of you! I have an issue when eating carrots and sweet potatoes. So far, pretty much anything orange. Bloating, Constipation, then lead to Diarrhea and Stomach Pains.

My doctor has diagnosed me with a lack of fiber issue in the past. She has no clue as to why I would be having the bad reactions to carrots or sweet potatoes. Ask a dietitian to provide you with the list and how to perform the test. Adding fiber to a diet of a person with inflammatory bowels is the worst thing to do. Juice not blend anything that gives you trouble and see if that helps. I eat plenty of vegetables every day, especially bell papers, maybe not exactly servings a day, but enough.

I have Ulcerative Colitis. Even nuts and corn and onions which have high insoluble fiber go down fine. Digestive issues are very closely related to stress. I wish all the doctors that have told me to increase the amount of fiber in my diet to heal constipation would read this. Over the years, I have stopped doing what they say and listened to my feeling.

I observe whenever I took vegetables, the next day I will see what I eat came out floating the next day when I poo. This morning was worst, I found 2 tablets of telfast flu medicine that I took last night floating!

Should I see a doc? Both are Black Boxed short term drugs. Try Ginger Root for Nausea. IF you must take an antibiotic, take the Probiotic 2 hrs later.

Colon Cleanse if you get to constipated. I also made butternut squash soup with carrots, potatoes, celery. I found that weird because it is a soup and has lots of liquid already. The problem is I LIKE to eat healthy and all I eat is lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, chicken, shrimp and beef on occasion. I had been diagnosed with diverticulosis 3 years ago when I had my first diverticulitis attack. After antibiotics and not understanding what was causing all this, I continued to eat my healthy diet which was made up of a high fiber diet.

Fruits and nuts for breakfast and I was obsessed with eating a large salad EVERY day for lunch except weekends, loaded with baby romaine, or mixed greens, spinach, celery, walnuts, craisins, feta cheese, avocado, chicken, grape tomatoes and balsamic and olive oil for dressing.

I was obsessed with them still am. I was only 49 years old. I am very grateful to be able to share this story with whoever is interested in reading it. Anyway, the surgery consisted of cutting the connection from the bladder to the colon, and they took 6 inches of the colon that had the diverticulosis and performed a resection of the colon.

I have had NO cramping, but diarrhea regular at 3 times a day more in the morning , and excessive bloating. I am over 50 and take vitamins and supplements and work out and I am realizing that some of the excessive amounts of fruits and vegetables I am consuming could be actually poisoning me and causing me distress.

I certainly do not want another surgery and I am tired of the fatigue and headaches along with the D more than 3 times a day!!! Eating good, plenty of rest and exercise should not make me feel like CRAP!!! Glad I came across this article and I am willing to try anything to feel good while still eating and staying healthy and thin!!!! You might want to cut back on the carbs to reduce bloating. I read microbes feed off the carbs and create gas.

Chris Kresser also mentioned a problem with your stomach not having enough acid this is reverse the logic of doctors trying to cut back the amount of acid in your stomach. He mentioned as you age, you do not produce as much acid in your stomach. Sally, I went through this exact same thing in I was told by a British dr that I should try a low fibre diet, mostly soluble fiber, and not eat raw vegies at all, particularly lettuce which he said is extremely difficult to digest.

So I still eat vegies, but cooked, I have a lot of nut butters but I can eat some nuts if I chew them to a paste. I had to learn about soluble and non-soluble fibre. Some beans are too fibrous, but I seem okay with refried beans, some other tinned beans. I have not had any problems since I started eating like this. I have another friend with diverticulosis who had endless problems and she is also fine now, eating like this. Try to restore your gut flora, especially if you took antibiotics.

Find good quality probiotics, or from food sources, i. Yoghurt is NOT a good source, for most part, contrary to all the false advertizing. They are not grains as in wheat or so, they resemble large fish eggs. Kefir culture is very strong, and more forgiving than yoghurt.

You can also try starter culture for start pardon my pun , But you have to replace it after reusing 4x or so. Grains can be found for sale, they grow they are alive as you use them.

So people who make lots of kefir are discarding them or selling them. Kefir resembles a drinking yoghurt thick but liquid , but it is fizzy, it has gas in it. I take the grains out of the fridge, and put them in milk, and leave on the table. Dr Mercola sells his own brand on-line, arguably the best on the market, it has 90 billion count and very good mix of different bacteria.

He is the top expert, and real crazy, as in funny. He has many recipes too — what to make from kefir, using it as sour dough.

Like bakery — bread, pizza etc. I make cheese from it, not pressed cheese takes too long and needs controlled storage environment , more like cream cheese. I am a 22 year old girl dealing with all kinds of digestive issues myself! I started getting into health and nutrition about 4 years ago and though, like you, that i was the healthiest i could be cutting out anything processed, cutting out sugar was the big one! I first started by seeing all kinds of standard medical doctors which prescribed me with rounds of antibiotics and over the counter medications for digestive issues which just made it worse.

Food really is our source for life. This is a wonder site that brings lots of health issues to the service and which pulls from multiple sources for a very wholesome and collective mindset on health. Please feel free to contact me at all if you want to talk more. I guess maybe ur gut might have inflammation which is made to feel worse when u eat high fiber food Like rubbing wire gauze on an open wound… Ouch! I recently discovered the same about myself.

I get at least 7 to 8 cups of mostly greens into my diet, and I always have a little bit of loose stool.

You are eating cruciferous vegetables that are killing you more than likely. I did that, too, and discovered that a poorly methylating body could not process those foods. Spinach was my biggest killer — raw! I stopped all that and read up on herbs for healing and within days i was feeling better than ever.

You have hidden underlying causes like genetics causing problems. I have had diverticulosis for years and was always told by doctors to eat a high fibre diet.

I was constantly flaring up with diverticulitis and had to go on drugs. About four years ago, in Emergency, I was told by a doctor from Britain that I should eat a low fibre diet, no raw vegies, no red meat, avoid non-soluble fibre, just as suggested on this site! When he suggested that those things were just too hard to digest, especially raw greens, it made sense. He also told me to avoid gluten. I have not had diverticulitis since changing my diet.

I have some spinach, kale, but only in smoothies. I can eat cauliflower and broccoli, but they have to be well cooked. I have learned a lot about soluble fibre, can eat oatmeal for example, and I can tolerate refried beans and hummus, but all other beans are a problem.

I would suggest to anyone with digestive issues to try it, and keep track of what upsets you. I am in the same boat as you, and am perfunctory with my diet routine, just like you are. I wish to avoid surgery, and have faith that I sincerely am the steward of my meal plan. An article telling me to eat less veggies is actually pretty amusing, I never did like them or eat them as a kid. I did not handle it well because the news really upset me a lot.

I felt that not being able to have dairy was the equivalent of a missing body part or limb…. I tried to take the results seriously and avoided the trigger foods for as long as I could, but the cravings took over and I gave in. I also had an unpleasant experience with some eggnog ice cream I got recently, frozen it was bland and boring.

But when I melted it down to a liquid texture to drink, it was sooooo sweet it was practically inedible. My diet usually consists of: I am pretty pissed off right now because I feel like I am running out of things to eat! But then again… reading some of these comments made me sad, realizing there are people out there that have even less to choose from than I do.

I guess the harsh reality is that we probably all need to start living in a bubble and drinking distilled water…. Hi Mel, this might be helpful, I remember reading this article in my local paper about years ago.

I was eating about servings of vegetables each day, 3 of which were raw. After about a year and a half I developed pains in my upper abdomen. I read this article and it turns out the vegetables were likely causing it. I cut way back and am slowly adding a small amount back daily.

The pain left almost immediately. It was almost like a constant gas pain that got better or worse sporadically, but was always there. Thank you so much for this article!

It helped me so much. I was doing the exact same thing. Having way too many vegetables and a raw salad everyday. I juice my vegetables, and after I make sauerkraut, put it in a french press and just drink the brine. I cant take probiotic pills because of the resitstant starch.. I mess up once and its back to square one…I only eat grass fed beef, juiced vegetables with nutritional yeast and himalayn salt and turmeric, and like 5 avocados a day.

I do drink coffee, but not so much. Kim, I of course have stomach issues too but I can eat small romaine salads and small potions or cooked veg. I eat fish very often , tuna, salmon, shrimp, cod etc. I eat EVOO and avocados and small portions of nuts. NO carbs other than green veggies. Do you eat fish? Red meat can be hard to digest. Grains and starch will mess me up faster than anything. I am reading everything everyone is eating…brines, veggy presses, seafood, bits of salad and nuts…no carbs or dairy.

All I can eat and be able to leave the house to work all day nornally, is rice krispies, rice chex, rice crackers, rice cakes…and dairy to go with the cereal, and cottage cheese or thin cheese slices to go with the crackers cakes. I could have beef or chicken if I could afford it, but I am unemployed. When I did work, I subbed by day, taught night school, and worked at a greenhouse seasonally.

What kept me alive was night school and now that it is gone…no money for anything. I wish there was a doctor that cared to find out, but I have never found one.

Cheese and dairy are expensive. Buy chicken or ground turkey instead. I could never eat rice and dairy or I would be in pain all day. They are the worst. Find some undairy, ungrains you can have. Most of us have very restrictive diets. You are not alone. I am not trying to be dense here, but I really have no idea. Rice is the only thing my body likes. As there are soy milks and almond milks.

I know what to stay away from so that I am not in serious agony, but I still have trouble making it from , as an example, without having to be in the bathroom a lot, daily. So, I have no idea what non-grain, non-dairy thing, except plain meat, there is out there.

I assume I would still get sick if all I ate was meat. Take a look at this blog. I should have said NO grains or dairy. I would go for almond milk before any other kind including soy.

If your body liked rice and dairy you would not be in the bathroom all the time. I eat meals of proteins about 3 oz on a small salad with olive oil and a few shredded veggies. I eat small amounts of nuts and other veggies. Simple, nutritious and keeps the stomach happy. I also keep meal sizes small. As for what you can afford I have no advice. Have you ever tried fasting to give your system a cleanse?

Occasionally I eat BF and nothing until dinner. There is not one single veggy or fruit I can have in any quantity if I want to leave the house. But never eating again, will be hard.

Fine if I am staying home, really bad if I am working 16 hours a day, which I used to do when doing day and night school. I can get a free colonoscopy, but I would have to pay out of pocket for the biopsy, even on Obummercare.

I am currently unemployed with three worthless college degrees they used to be worth something, but not anymore , and paying the premium is more than I can afford…but I do it anyway, and then never see a doctor ever…no matter what. I read your posts. Sounds a lot like what my son goes through.

He was diagnosed with Chrons. Finally after 10 hours in the ER they did admit him, once admitted the doctor saw him he ordered a colonoscopy. They biopsied and diagnosed Chrons. My son filled out the paperwork and that was the end of it.

Please check into this route. If you are eating at less as you are and having as many stools as you are having you are probably becoming very malnourished.

I was born at 24 weeks, and I have never been able to eat things easily, but as I get older I lose more and more items. I recently lost my job and I will have to get two or three part-time jobs, if I can find them with my college degrees, as I have not been able to get back into my field. I am living on Rice Krispies, Rice Chex, rice crackers, plain cooked rice, old-fashioned cooked oatmeal. I do not have trouble with white gluten and have never tested positive for a gluten problem, and I can have dairy…so other than rice things and oatmeal, I have Italian bread and cheese.

I can still have days where I am totally unable to go to work. I also have steroid shots, when I can afford them for my skin…and my behind can become very raw after a day of wiping. I had a barium enema in and I was told I was fine. I pooed from Sunday to Saturday with cleaning out and then trying to get the barium out and it took weeks of only having liquids to get my butt skin to heal…I never wanted to poo again.

I was a high school math teacher and it was hard to stay in my room from 7: They closed my school during the first week of school without warning…and there are no teaching jobs in September and I am overqualified for everything with three college degrees…so there is little hope at finding a job that will allow me to go to the bathroom when I need to do.

I just called them and that is what they said. Thus, trying to get further medical help is all but futile at this point. I have been where you are as far as the insurance thing goes and not having much money for food….

I would highly recommend you go check out the website healthygutgirl. I have come a long way with healing muself with everything I have learned from healthy gut girl. Make bone broth super cheap and sip all day, fermented veggies and coconut water kefir. Take HCL and digestive enzymes. Stay away from dairy. Jennifer you seem to be going through a lot. I struggle with the same. No matter what you eat you will be in agony.

Do you have close friends? Or a support system? You need to start talking to people and getting things off your chest more often. Or call befrienders or samaritans. I believe that if you start to resolve the emotional issues it will help a lot and then you can truly focus on the diet and what to eat. Hello Jennifer, I was born premature and I experienced a realization that I have probably suffered from hyper-sensitivity issues all my life.

Thank you for understanding, not many people do. Thus, I have to eat very, very little. Say one bowl of old-fashioned cooked oatmeal each evening. That means having no life…just existing to pay bills. Lots of people do it, but not forever. I have spent the last eight years working three jobs, that just happened to work around each other. But there is nothing interesting to eat or fun to do. I just spent several hours applying for a job and now I will do laundry. The point is that I should have been given a disclaimer from the doctors that saved me.

Something along the lines that I would never be normal and I should at the very least be allowed to use the bathroom whenever I need to do and not jeopardize my job. As a math teacher, that is not possible. I subbed by day, taught night school so 16 hour days , and worked at a greenhouse seasonally often alone. However, I knew the days off, had a few understanding teachers that would watch both rooms…hard to do, but we did it…when I had an extreme emergency. Otherwise I would simply hold it and hit the bathroom before school, during planning, lunch, after school, during evening dinner break, and be very sore by the end of the day.

But that is only seasonal. This time of year I always had weekends off. Now I am looking at subbing by day, and working evenings and weekends at a grocery store…if they hire me. I have no money for food, so it should be less of a problem. So, it would have been nice if the doctors that made sure I lived, also cared about the quality of life.

Or that my current doctor could write the same thing. A cashier would be bad as you have to stay at your register, as an example. I found your post by accident. The most obvious thing here to me is the dairy. If you do nothing else, get rid of dairy and see if that takes care of the issue. Live on brown rice if you have to for awhile. Jennifer, I have a lot of trouble with my body, with the digestion, absorption probably malabsorption, leaky gut, Candida fermented foods!

The bottom line is learning to trust my body and my inner guidance and that means Divine, too, for instance, dialoguing question and answer guidance.

Part of my healing from extreme, complex abuse from birth until 28 years of age is writing out stream of consciousness from my inner world and drawing the pictures from different parts of my broken self. Doing that has lessened over the years but want to pay attention to that more as it helps me see more clearly what is going on in the un-subconscious which is even more important to me than the other, what is called the conscious part of the self.

All that I went through, which was tons of stuff, all held within the cells of my membranes and organs…. Talk on just the physical level does not do it for me.

The emotional and feelings seem to be walked around, never mentioned or shunned. Everything is linked for me, physical, emotional, spiritual. It would mean finding the right people to give you supportive commentary and letters, etc.

Having all those jobs in your condition seems like too much to expect for you and impossible? Or is there another way to take this burden off your shoulders while you find out how to heal. I no longer sub by day and teach at night, with the greenhouse seasonally.

I had 15 months without anything but subbing and the greenhouse, and I was living on savings. I ate mostly Cream of Rice hot cereal…it was tolerated well, but sooooo boring. I now work fulltime as a math teacher, and work the greenhouse seasonally. Then I am planning all weekend. I have to be careful what I eat, so I am not living in the bathroom during the week…I could get fired, and I need this job. Thus I may never be able to afford meat.

Life is stressful which makes bowel problems worse and food-wise very boring. I will live dangerously and make a pot of soup over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks…cheap, easy, and yummy, even if there is no meat…it will still taste incredible. Hi, I was just reading this because I have digestive issues and thought that maybe I could give you something to help. You can juice one cabbage and drink it 4 times a day and then you eat whatever diet you can at the time and after a few weeks or months however soon you want to try start adding in more foods and seeing if your body can handle them again.

Best of luck to you! I have never had good results with cabbage. I found a really nice soy free stock, so I could try to make my own soup, as all canned varieties contain soy. However, it was spring break and I was not working, so I thought I would brave trying it to see if it was better than canned soup. I have been to my new Obummercare doctor office three times in three years for the free yearly checkup, and saw three different people…and all they do is look at me like I am from outer space when I tell them my digestive issues.

Thus, I have to make my innards as happy as possible…and that means Cream of Rice hot cereal…horribly boring meal after meal, day after day. I was trying to eat like I did decades ago. Gas, seizing, cramping, pain, bathroom problems, and I could not figure it out. Maybe a smaller salad would do, maybe something with it could help, like it says here on this site, what a thought! But I like health, keep a good weight, eat right, but now, things have changed.

I am not thirty or forty now, or fifty. So I find less is more now. I have fixed the problem, and then I went on this site, and found yes, less of certain vegetables, and some of another kind are good, and do not cause me the problems..

I take a probiotic after meals, that helps. Fermented food does not agree with my gut except Keefer so far. Will read more now. Over the months, and while also taking Xifaxan, Motil Pro, and enzymes, I have seen gradual improvement, but still suffer debilitating symptoms.

I find this very interesting as I have been a vegetarian for several years.. With that has come some problems.. Bloating, chronic constipation and Ill health.. Having stumbled on a book called Fibre Menace and reading your article I have been enlightened.

Could you perhaps give me some suggestions on your daily diet.. I a a little confused with regards to soluble and insoluble fibers… A new door has been opened to me and I am determined to get well Many thanks Nicky. I seem to have a great deal of trouble with the insoluble veggies. I think I am going to return to the potatoes and sauerkraut that I was raised with. I also recently had a colonoscopy. I can eat starchy veggies, and cooked veggies, but even if I boil and puree one zucchini or some bok choy, I get instant cramps.

I am way skinny, so cannot afford diarrhea. It seems that my probiotic, Culturelle, is also giving me diarrhea, so had to stop it.

Recently I added Butterhead lettuce to my smoothie and it constipated me then I could not stop going to the bathroom. A really useful article! However, the indigestion problem got worse. And now I see your post, I think I should try to eat less, quantity and kind, vegetable and more meat. Can you take presript assist probiotics if you have SIBO??? I learned this lesson the hard way…I used to consume huge servings of high fiber vegetables and man did they do a job on my gut.

Now, I limit the variety low fodmap and the serving size and life is much better. Love your article Chris! But it gets worst with animal intake fullness and nausea and with cherries severe bloating. Do not eat fiber unless is steamed and easy to digest like carrots, zucchini or pumpkin. Eat proteins and healthy fats along with betaine hcl or digestive enzymes, it help a lot.

I constantly feel a lump in my throat, maybe mucus. Silvie, This is me exactly!!!! Pylori 15 months ago, and have the same issues as you!! I also have celiac disease. I am trying to eliminate corn and dairy. Also processed food and sugar. There are days when I only have one small meal or just some bread. I do like some meat, small potions, no more pasta or processed food. I have a general question for whomever might have even a suggestion.

Blood work and overall energy has shown low-T and was put on armor thyroid. I try and get tons of sleep, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, epsome salt soaks, hot lemon water, decaf coffee, lots of vitamin c and magnesium. Diet, lifestyle, or other suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time. This might seam odd, but had same problems, What I learned through my journey is to listen to your body, simple as.

Used to be vegetarian- loads of raw veggies and fruits, always bloated and constipated. I have a daughter just diagnosed with IBS-C. She has been a vegan for awhile. She changed her diet to mostly raw in December to combat the IBS. It worked briefly and then it stopped working.

She is back on laxatives. She has had an endoscopy which revealed lactose intolerance. I partly blame the raw foodists who she follows that tout the life saving benefits of their lifestyle. It may be for some, but not for all. My daughter will not eat meat ever as an ethical matter. She needs to try the lowFodmap diet to see if it will help. We are in a tough situation. That is a tough situation. I was in a similar one.

For example, certain kinds of tofu firm, I think , small amounts of lentils and possibly whey protein are acceptable. I have been suffering with ibs since 2 years ago. There are certain food that some website list can be eaten by ibs person that cause me stomach cramp and diarrhea. Like potato,sweet potato and yam and even tomato. Now, i am afraid to eat any vegetables or fruits. Banana and apple are very harmful for me.

May I suggest to your daughter that eating a whole foods diet will put less pressure on her. I am celiac, lactose intolerant, have difficulties digesting raw vegetables and have a great many food sensitivities. I cook roast grill steam all my veggies, and mostly with a healthy oil added, and cooked at lower temps. Including a healthy fat in most of my meals helps with feeling satiated as well as adding being healthful.

Avacodos olives coconut oil to name a few. Tonight my dinner was steamed corn and peas, artichokes in vinegar, an avacodo and wild pink salmon canned. Live by what feels good and being open to following different ways of eating.

I eat one large meal towards the end of the day. Start my day with fresh lemons in water warm and room temp, never cold and fruit only until mid day with nuts and dried fruit until my meal. Ask students to bring in food labels from home, or supply some from your own home. As a class, look at the labels. What information do they give? How can this information help people eat a healthful diet? What is the biggest modification each student had to make to eat a more healthful diet? Did students have to eliminate certain foods or add others?

Discuss how these differences have affected their daily lives. What are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber? Why is it important to eat a balance of these substances in your diet? Back to Top Evaluation Use the following three-point rubric to evaluate how well students grasped information about nutrition, applied that information to their lives, and participated in class discussions on the topic. Back to Top Extensions Class Cookbook Have each student bring in a recipe of a favorite food that is healthful and part of a well-balanced diet.

With the help of the students, compile the recipes into a class cookbook. If possible, plan a class lunch, and have students bring in samples of their favorite foods. Then enjoy a healthful lunch together. Dutton Children's Books, Everything you've always wanted to know about food and nutrition is packed into this title! Using lots of humor, including fun facts printed on the inside margins of each page, the scoop on why your body feels hungry and thirsty and the best way to fuel it up are explained in short chapters, generously illustrated with cartoon drawings.

Learn how to choose foods rich in vitamins and minerals, why drinking lots of water is important, and things that can upset your digestive system. The concluding chapter lists several simple recipes for kids to make themselves. DK Publishing, Written by a ballerina with the Royal Ballet, this well-illustrated book describes the importance of eating well for energy and fitness.

A short introduction sheds light on familiar dieting "myths" and explains the benefits and drawbacks of various foods, from fats to proteins. Several chapters outline a series of easy exercises that will contribute to total fitness.

With a lowercase c , the term refers to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius With an uppercase C , the term refers to the amount of energy required to raise one kilogram of water about 2. When it comes to staying healthy, counting Calories is much less important than eating a balanced diet. Everything that is consumed. Eating a healthful diet helps prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and many other health problems Food Guide Pyramid Definition: A visual representation of the number of recommended daily servings in each of the six food groups; designed by the U.

Look at the Food Guide Pyramid to find out how much of each kind of food you should eat each day. An individual's basal metabolic rate BMR is a measure of the number of calories needed while the body is at rest. The best way to increase your metabolism is to engage in more physical activity. Substances, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, found in foods that people need to stay healthy.

Teens need to consume a great deal of calcium, the nutrient that helps build strong bones and teeth.

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