A Kid's Guide to Life Sciences: The Human Body Systems

What is a human body system?

Human Body Systems – Functions, locations, anatomy, definition, picture
The Skeletal System includes all of the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons of the body. The remaining female structures serve as sites for fertilization and development of the fetus. The main systems in the human body are: Shivering occurs - involuntary muscle contractions produceheat. The Endocrine or Glandular or Hormonal System includes all of the glands in the body. Your nervous system interacts with every other system in your body.

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How many human body systems?

The Immune System includes all of the lymphocytes and antibodies of the body. The Lymphatic System includes the tonsils, the thymus gland, the liver, the spleen, and all of the lymph nodes of the body.

The Urinary System includes the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, and the urethra. There is 1 sub-system of the Nervous System. The Sensory System includes, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, and the skin.. Source s My very smart brain. What is a body system? Systems in the body? Examples are the digestive system stomach, small intestine, colon etc and the respiratory system trachea, lungs etc.

How does the system depend on other systems of the body? An organism works by having all its systems functioning in a coordinated effort to maintain homeostasis. What body system works with the respiratory system? The circulatory system works in tandem with the respiratory system. The lungs enrich oxygen poor blood, which flows to the heart, whichdistributes oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

Which body system is part of the excretory system? The digestive is part of the excretory system in terms of the substances having to get out of the system themselves.

What body systems does the endocrine system interact with? The Edocrine system has to do mainly with hormones these hormones are released by The following organs: Lymphnodes which are on eather side of youre Esoughigus, Pancreas which is located on the right side of you're abdomen above but on the opposite side of you're stomach, Adreanal glands which are located on top of you're Kiddneys, Overies which are close to the lower abdomen of girls but attached to the upper part of the vagina, tecticals which hang inside of the scroatem of boys right under the penis.

It's been a long time since I've learned about this topic so I might be wrong about some stuff and may have left a few parts out. Which body system removes body waste? The Excretory System removes wastes.

This system includes the skin, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, and the large intestine. The skin removes sweat. The lungs remove carbon dioxide and water vapor. The liver removes the breakdown of red blood cells in the form of bile. The kidneys remove toxins from the blood.

The large intestine removes feces. What does gum disease do to the body or to the body systems? Makes people have bad beath. It can lead to infections getting into the blood, it can cause teeth to be compromised and lost.

What body system protects the body? The immune systems protects the body from viruses. First you have your physical barriers like your skin, tears, hair and mucus then you have your immune system which are white blood cells and pus. Which body system does the respiratory body system interact with the most? I would say the circulatory system considering that the respiratory systems only purpose is to obtain oxygen from the air and put it into your blood..

The circulatroy system and the respiratory sysetm work hand in had. The alveoli absorb the oxygen but the blood does the actual job of getting the oxygen around the body. What are systems in the body? The skeletal system - provides the shape and form for our bodies supports and protects our bodies, allows our bodies to move, produces blood for the body and storing minerals muscular system- is the anatomical system of a species that allows it to move respiratory system system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide; in terrestrial animals this is accomplished by breathing digestive system process in braking down and moving food threw out the body urinary system group of organs that filter waste from a organisms blood and excrete it into a liquid called urine circulatory system- he organs and tissues involved in circulating blood and lymph through the body immune system- a system including the thymus and bone marrow and lymphoid tissues that protects the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms by producing the immune response.

What are the systems of body? How many body systems are there in oue body? They are the 5 systems -Digestive system -Respiratory system -Circulatory system -Muscular system -Skeletal system.

Which body system brings oxygen into the body? The respiratory system is responsible for bringing oxygen into thebody. The lungs take in oxygen while the blood of the circulatorysystem circulates it to be used in various parts of the body. What are 11 body system that in your body? The 11 body systems are as followed not in order: Which body system is part of the muscular system?

How do your body systems work without other systems in the body? Your body is the sum of all its systems. There are no "other systems". All the body's systems have to be working together or the body will not be able to stay alive. What system supports the other systems in the body? There is, as far as I know, not any direct answer to that question.. But three of my best answers- and I am just ten years old- are:. The brain sends messages throughout your body, and so supplies it with the information to move, breathe, feel, touch, smell, think, know, want, ext..

The bones, or skeletal system, hold your body up and form the body's framework and so give you your shape and keep you standing upright. Without your bones, you would just be a big glob of skin, tissue, muscle, and, of course, orgens. Why is the body system vital to the human body? There is no such term as a body system but the organ systems are vital to the human body because they work together to do necessary jobs needed for survival for example the circulatory system uses the heart and pumps blood throughout the body.

What systems are in your body? There are 11 Body Systems in your body 1. What body systems does the nervous system work with? Which body system controls the activities of the body? There are two systems that control and coordinate the body and allof it's activities, the nervous system which includes the brain andspinal cord and the nerves leading to each. The endocrine systemalso plays an important role in involuntary body functions alongwith the autonomic nervous system which controls involuntaryactions.

What are 10 body systems in the human body? What body systems work with the repiratory system? Mostly the circulatory system.

Blood, passes the lungs getting oxygenated, and then distributing it throughout the body. It also delivers used CO 2 to the lungs. This combination allows for the respiratory stem to work. What part of the body system is the digestive system?

It is the systems, glands, and organs that break down food so that it can be used by the body. It also absorbs water and other liquids. It includes such anatomical parts as the mouth, tongue, teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines, appendix, colon, and rectum. Explain how your body systems works with other systems in the body? Your nervous system interacts with every other system in your body.

In the same way that all of your cells need oxygen transported by the circulatory system, all of your tissues and organs require instruction and direction from the nervous system. There is obvious interaction between your muscles and your nervous system. That interaction helps you move around and interact with your environment. What body system initiates body movement? Your question doesn't really make sense but Motor fuctions of the body stem from the cerebellum, which is a part of your brain that is located at the base of the skull.

Automatic motions like your heart beating and lungs moving are controled by an area of the brain called the medulla As you may know, the spinal cord is vehical by which the electric signals get sent through out the body.

That's why if you have a spinal cord injury you are in risk of becoming paralyzed Incidences of this can be seen in dramatic series from the s. I guess the answer to your question is a combo of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

No its the circulatory system initiates movement first. What body system moves food into the body? If your young then you'll learn this soon. But its hard to explain all of it.

Nervous system, circulatory system, excretory system, respiratory system, digestive system, muscular system, skeletal system. There are seven in all. What are the eleven systems in the human body? Are we the human body made of systems? Yes, the 11 organ systems are: What are the 10 main systems in the human body? What are the 11 main systems in the human body? The 11 body systems are: What systems are in the human body an what are their functions?

Synthesizes vitamin d, and houses cutaneous pain, pressure ect receptors and sweat and oil glands Skeletal System: Blood cells are formed within bones. Bones store minerals Muscular System: Maintains posture, and produces heat Nervous System: Disposes of debris in the lymphatic stream.

Houses white blood cells lymphocytes involved in immunity. The immune response mounts the attack against foreign substances within the body Respiratory System: The gaseous exchanges occur through the walls of the air sacs of the lungs Digestive System: Indigestible foodstuffs are eliminated as feces Urinary System: Regulates water, electrolyte and acid-base balance of blood Reproductive System: Female includes mammary glands, ovary,uterus,uterine tube and vagina.

Male includes prostate gland, penis,testis,scrotum and ductus deferens overall function in production of offspring. Testes produce sperm and male sex hormone, and male ducts and glands aid in delivery of sperm to the female reproductive tract. Ovaries produce eggs and female sex hormones. The remaining female structures serve as sites for fertilization and development of the fetus. Mammary glands of female breasts produce milk to nourish the new born. What is immunity in the human body system?

Immunity in the human body is your bodys way of self defending itself by trying to block viruses that can make you sick. What does the immune system do for the human body? Think if it as "the army of the body" When you get sick the immune system will step up and produce more cells to fight off the sickness. What are the eight systems in the human body? Explain how a human body is a system? The human body itself is not one system, actually it is made up of 10 systems. What are the major system of human body?

Well, there is more than one system. Your Nervous System it has the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves that send messages to your brain about everything, ex: Your Circulatory System has the heart, artertys and veins, which carry blood to and from your heart. It also receives oxygen from your lungs and transports it throught the body.

Your Skeletalmuscular System consists of the bones and muscles. The bones protect important parts of your body such as The spinal cord, which sends messages to your brain, your skull, which protects the brain and everything in it. The Jaw bone is the only bone in you skull that can move.

Your Digestive System consists of your esophagus, your stomach, your small and large intestines. The digestive system starts when chewing on your food. You swallow and muscles squeeze the food down the esophagus. This squeezing is called peristalis. Once down the esophagus, it enters the stomach and mixes with a liquid to create a new liquid called Chyme. The Chyme then enters the small intestine to be broken down even further. The solid food then enters the large intestine and then is changed into a substance called Feces.

Your Exetory System consists of your kidneys, your ureters, the bladder and the uretha. In this system, water collects waist and enters the kidneys. At the kidneys, it goes down a long tube called ureters, which lead into the bladder. The Skin System consists of two layers of skin, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the outside layer of the skin that you can see. But what you a really seeing is dead skin cells.

At the bottom of the epidermis, you are always making new skin cells no matter what. Once the skin cells are done, the make there way to the top of the epidermis. The dead skin cells flake off and are left with the new cells. I hope that will help you! If you need anything else, my username is: How many system are their in a human body?

There are many systems in the human body: Circulatory System heart, blood, vessels Respiratory System nose, trachea, lungs Immune System many types of protein, cells, organs, tissues Skeletal System bones Excretory System lungs, large intestine, kidneys Urinary System bladder, kidneys Muscular System muscles Endocrine System glands Digestive System mouth, esophogus, stomach, intestines Nervous System brain, spinal cord, nerves Reproductive System male and female reproductive organs.

What are the 4 main body systems? Respiratory system inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide 4. Excretory system for the removal of waste in the body but there are also other systems: Immune system for the defense to germs and bacterium 6. Reproductive system for giving birth. What are the slogan for the human body systems?

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul toreside in. How important are the systems of the human body? The sysytems of the human body ar really important, because each of them has their own use. Like for example, Skeletal system-are the bones which gives structures and shape in our body. They support our body,too. Mascular system-are the muscles that surrounds our body. Respiratory system-is used for inhalation.

We cannot actually live without breathing, so it is really important. Digestive system- is a system used to digest our food. Circulatory System-is a system of the body which helps in the circulation of blood. These are just SOME of the systems in our body that i know, but as you can see they have their own functions.

KateNatashaQ Hope it helped! What are the different system of the human body? These are some of the systems: What is nervous system of the human body? The nervous system of a human being is the system that receives, regulates and responds to stimulus; thereby being the major control system in the human body.

What connects the systems of the human body? The Central Nervous System is the master system of the body and practically controls all other systems. What does system mean in the human body? That really depends on what you mean by the question. For the most part a "system" would refer to something like the endocrine or circulatory systems, which are groups of multiple organs that work together to achieve their goal.

How many systems are human body? There are 11 major systems in the human body. What are names of human body systems? Human body systems include: What does the portal system do for the human body? The portal system is another way of saying the circulatory system. The portal system is how blood travels in the veins throughout the human body as well as how it gets oxygen in the bloodstream..

What are the main organ's of the human body? In my opinion, the main organ in human body is the brain. Without the brain, any human will not be different than any animal. Alternatively, heart may be the main organ of human body as the heart is the responsible organ that feeds all human organs including the brain. What are 2 human body systems?

There are many human body systems. A few of them are the liquidwaste excretory system, solid waste excretory system, skeletalsystem, muscular system and the digestive system. What is the circulatory system in the human body? The circulatory system consists of the heart, veins, arteries,vessels and capillaries that provide pathways for the blood toreach all parts of the body. Why is the human body a system?

Just like a car, your body is made up of several part. If one partstops working your body will still run, just not very well. Severalparts stop working and you might stop running all together. Ask a Brand Choose brands below and we'll send your question to them directly.

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